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With the importance of broadband in the home it is recommended you look to change your contract each time to ensure you are on the cheapest provider for the speed you need

Because everyone's needs are different, you should look at the speed you require rather than the cheapest price. If you are a heavy user house then you should look at full fibre to the house rather than ADSL. Or, if you are in a poor reception area look at companies that offer a reception / connection guarantee

If you use streaming TV services or play games online then a higher speed should be considered to avoid buffering or poor connectivity. Also pay attention to how many devises will be connected as the more connections you have the slower the speed can be because the speed is divided by the connections

Also consider if you need the products in a bundle, if you do not use a home phone line then do not select a package with one because you will be paying for services you don't need. Consider too any set up fees and if the introductory price goes up significantly.

A lot of the providers use the Open Reach network so you should consider the smaller providers because they are using the same network as the likes of Sky or BT

4000+ reviews