Vodafone signs up with Ofcom’s voluntary code of practice

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phone1Ofcom, the telecom regulator announced a voluntary code earlier this year. It was declared with an aim to keep the customer well informed before entering into the contract. It wanted all telecom service providers to give complete broadband information including actual speed and not theoretical value of possible speed. The signatories are supposed to allow customers to exit the contract if the broadband speed gets lower than the minimum granted level.

The latest to sign up with Ofcom is Vodafone. This means that people choosing Vodafone would be entitled to get the specified minimum and maximum download speed and not the probable ‘up to’ speed. Again, as per rules, if the supplier fails to manage the minimum download speed then the subscriber can easily leave within 28 days from the day of notifying the company.

Prior to signing up with Ofcom, Vodafone had nullified line rental charges for its new as well as upgrading fibre optic home broadband customers. This move was to bring transparency in its pricing structure. The effect to the new or upgrading Vodafone customer would give customers a landline service without paying any charges for it.

This is not just a smart move but proves the authenticity of Vodafone, which provides broadband services to millions of customers across the UK. By signing the code, it has taken a step closer to the customer and thus proves itself as a reliable telecom service provider. The step is expected to increase the number of Vodafone customers soon. Let’s wait and watch.

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