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There have been many disputes regarding the travel insurance of patients and they can be really unnerving. Even if you have done everything from your end, it’s important that you ask your travel insurance provider about the required documents before you come back home. This is to play a safe bet.

Let us talk about a real life example of a lady who travelled to a destination where she became ill and could not fly back on the booked dates. As the doctors did not recommend her to fly, she had to cancel her flight bookings and travel back in another flight scheduled after a few days. In this case, she got reimbursed for the medical bills but the insurer rejected her claim for the reimbursement of the returning flight fare and cancellation charges just because she missed the ‘Unfit to fly’ certificate.

Therefore, it is very important that you contact your travel insurer and discuss the case while you are still abroad so as to know about the procedure and the required documents. Like in the case mentioned above, the lady submitted all medical bills and receipts but forgot to take the ‘Unfit to fly’ certificate and so, her claim for the travel expenses for new flight booking got rejected.

A highly established insurance firm like Allianz had refused the claim. When asked about the reason the authorities responded by saying that “Mrs Upchurch’s claim was initially in dispute due to the fact that there was no official documentation presented to show that she was unfit to fly home on the original scheduled flight.” With the intervention of the Crusader and after submitting the required docs, she got her claimed approved.

Such examples are lessons for the rest of the travellers. In case, you need to be treated while on a holiday then always keep a check on your return plan and check whether your treatment affects your scheduled return. Find out if you need to extend your stay due to the treatment. If yes then make sure that you get the relevant paperwork done from the hospital authorities. Do not forget an important document that proves that you were not in a position to travel otherwise, your travel expenses would be open to dispute.

In a nut shell, be more careful while you change your travel plans due to medical emergencies or any other reason. If you have to change your travel schedule then make sure that you are ready with the appropriate docs that prove your case as an emergency. This will result in minimal losses and save you some good deal of money.

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