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Travel Australia:

Australia has a diverse multicultural population, with many people from the European origin. It has a large British expat community, which is drawn by the language, past colonial bond and above all weather. As a result those missing home comforts are very well catered for in this vast country.

The indigenous people of Australia are known as the Aborigines and many of them are still living and practicing their old way of life that has stood the test of time for thousands of years. Traditional aboriginal tribes are nomads, and a visit with a guide is advisable particularly if you are visiting a remote part of Australia.

Visiting Australia

Australia is famous for its vastness, being the only country which is also a continent. Famous for its road trips, urban lifestyle, camping destinations and excellent marine life, the country would most certainly leave the traveller awestruck. Full of natural splendour, multiple cultures, spectacular site, reefs, islands, rainforests and urbane affluence, the country would leave you with many memories to cherish. Being such a wonderful destination, the place is visited by nearly 670,000 British people every year.

Suitable for all kinds of travellers, the country offers the best opportunities to campers, beach lovers, shopaholics, food lovers, culture lovers and those who want to know all about the aboriginals.

A mixed bag that has almost everything for travellers, this place is worth travelling to if you want to experience the sheer joy of travelling. You will be surprised to check out the variety of offers, whether you are a first timer or a seasoned traveller.

Why should you visit Australia?

For the best skiing experience: Surprisingly, Australia has some of the world’s best Skiing terrains which should be explored during the (Australian) winter. Skiing takes place in the mountains of South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory.

The low season of winter in the UK and Europe, is high season in Australia, so flights to Australia can be expensive at that time of year.

For the wild life and the rainforests:Due to its remoteness, Australia has developed some very unique wildlife such as, Kangaroos, Kuala’s, Possums and many more types of mammalian animals which are unique to this nation.

The Northern Territory has a tropical climate with one of the largest rain forests in the world and the only rain forest to be found in a developed nation. If you are crazy about wildlife or want to see unique animals like Kangaroos and Pandas then you must head to this country.

To experience the diversity of art and culture: Known as the country of aboriginals, the place would show you some of the most beautiful paintings and dancing skills. Once it was considered as a place for cultural cringe, but, now it has become a place that flaunts its art and culture with pride. You will find that the native art of the country is timelessly captivating and can be brought back as memories of the trip.

To taste the best of foods and drink: The Australian cuisine has many influences of European cooking style combined with Pacific ingredients. Be it the lip smacking seafood, crispy barbeques, Tasmania whiskey or the world best wines, you will find everything that leaves your taste buds and tummy wanting more.

To check out some of the most glamorous cities in the world: Australia is an urban place with some of the most famous cities in the world. Considered the most popular city, Sydney has sophisticated buildings, pearly beaches, enchanting boutiques and inviting bars. Perth is stylish with some cool west coast optimism and the capital city Canberra is the place with a lot of political upheavals. You will be startled by the affluence of the cities in this wonderful country of the Kangaroos.

For some heart-warming wine tours:Often called the wine country, Australia would give you many chances to visit the vineries, be it at  Margret River, Hunter Valley, or the Barossa Valle. You should actually stay at places famous for vineyards for at least three to five days to fully enjoy the different kinds of Aussie wines. For wine lovers, this country should be in their bucket list and would give them the most satisfying experience of their life.

To explore the outback:Your trip to Australia would be incomplete without visiting the outback to see the read dessert, crocodiles, lakes and valleys. You should not miss out on checking the crocodiles and other wild animals found in Karijini National Park, the Kimberlys, Kakadu, and Litchfield National Park.

To visit the world’s largest sand island: Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island famous for its own natural, rustic and ethereal beauty. One can enjoy camping, hiking, swimming and playing with the dingoes in this place. You need an overnight trip to explore this island and hiring a 4WD car would be helpful.

Must visit tourist attractions in Australia:

  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Bondi Beach
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Daintree rainforest
  • Queen Victoria market
  • Kings Park and Botanic garden
  • Queensland cultural centre
  • Kalbarri National Park
  • Brisbane Water National Park
  • Wellington caves and phosphate mine
  • Cobar museum
  • Victoria StateRose garden
  • Tasmanian cricket museum
  • Wild dog winery
  • Cedar Galleries

When is the best time to visit Australia?

December to February is considered peak tourist season and you would find a 25% rise in accommodation prices.

March to May and September to November is considered the shoulder season with warm sunny weather and fewer queues than the peak season.

June to August is rainy season in the southern part of the country and hence attracts fewer tourists.

More Information:


The Weather in Australia tends to be sunny for most times of the year even in the winter. Because Australia lies in the Southern Hemisphere it’s a great tourist attraction for those wanting to escape the winter blues of the UK.


You must check the website for visa details. Everybody needs a visa to enter this beautiful country and the details for it can be checked in the link


The country has good road networks, passenger rail transport and over 300 airports to travel to local destinations that are placed at a distance.

How to reach Australia from the UK?

When booking cheap flights to Australia, think about where you want to go, after all it is larger than Western Europe. There are many flights available to the country and FreePriceCompare can help you to get some great discounts. For hotel bookings and Australia Holiday Packages you can check our website or call our friendly team of travel experts on 02034757476.

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