Accommodation options for hotels

hotels3Accommodation options for hotels

If you wish to get the most out of a trip away, securing the right hotel in the ideal location is a great place to start. After all, different hotels suit different occasions. Whether you’re going on a romantic break for two or staying overnight on business, securing the right accommodation will allow you to get on with what matters most -enjoying your trip!

What should I anticipate?

All guests should expect a private, clean room with at least the basic amenities. Depending on the price, bathroom facilities will either be en-suite or communal in budget establishments.

Hotel standards vary dramatically, and are subject to a range of different factors including price and available facilities. On-site services and other attractions can includeswimming pools, fitness suites, and restaurants. It all depends on what you are looking for and the purpose of your trip.

What are my options?

How much you are willing to spend and the purpose of your trip are the key factors when determining which hotel to choose.

If you are going for a weekend in Vegas for example, the hotels are extremely competitive and offer lots of on-site facilities so your choice will depend upon what you expect from the weekend and the size of your budget.

Again, different hotels suit different trips, and a five star in one country may differ slightly from that of another. As a general guide, you will more than likely find the below in most places that you visit.


A budget hotel offers the essentials at an affordable price. They are popular with short stay lodgers planning on spending little time at the hotel and simply need a bed and washing facilities; for example business customers and city break weekenders.

Branded chains

Branded chain hotels offer a uniform service across a variety of different sites; for example Holiday Inn and Travelodge.

Like most brands, all sites under the umbrella name aim to proffer regularity and maintain a consistency of ethos throughout.

Independents and niche hotels

These can be a family run business and are normally under the ownership of a sole trader.

Prices and facilities vary dramatically, from budget to stand alone luxurious establishments.


Boutique and luxury often go hand in hand and operate at the top end of the market. Generally speaking, independent boutiques proffer the deluxe experience and are ideal for honey moons or special occasions.

Classification system

Hotels are often rated on a 1 to 5 star system based on their facilities and level of customer service or they can be rated on the diamond rating system used by the AAA.However interestingly, stars can sometimes be misleading as there is no industry standardised testing.

Generally, it can be more fulfilling to read user-reviews from someone with firsthand experience to gauge the quality of an establishment. Social media is also a great medium to see if the hotel will suit your needs.

It is often best to steer clear of places with either no stars or a very low score, as a bit of research can go a long way in sourcing a good hotel deal that is right for your needs.

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