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Smart meters were considered as the best technical innovation for energy customers as they would rule out the chances of wrong billing. The UK government also emphasized on the necessity of these meters so that the customers benefit from the cheapest energy bills. The year 2020 is the deadline to install smart meters in all UK households and the project has entered its main phase but, there is many takers of these automatic energy measuring units. Whilst, it is a disappointment to see the relative failure of such a project that offers more freedom to the energy customers, it actually saves them from paying extra on the unused units. Either way, smart meters are supposed to be installed to streamline the process of generating correct energy bills. Again, they would turn out to be the easiest way to get cheaper energy bills. However, if we believe the statistics then majority of […]

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In an unexpected turn of events, the big six energy supplier, British Gas announces to keep its energy prices on hold till the month of August. Experts had predicted that the company could raise its prices by a high margin to follow Npower which has announced price rise from March 16th. British Gas explained its decision to hold the prices by saying that it is freezing the costs during the wholesale price rise by cutting its internal costs. On the other hand, another big six supplier Scottish Power has announced dual price rise by 7.8% `which would be in effect from 31 March. The company blamed its decision for increasing energy costs on expenses incurred for the smart meter installation project as well as low carbon costs. Scottish Power has become the third Big Six Company to announce an energy price hike however, energy regulator Ofgem does not agree to […]

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We all know the benefits of smart meters. UK government’s plan to rollout 53 million smart meters and is finding many happy customers. As per the actual plan every energy user shall have smart meters by 2020. The idea was to save on energy bills by making the user aware about their energy usage. Be it home or businesses, these meters were installed with an idea to save energy. These high tech devices have proved their calibre and realise the idea that customers can be made aware about their energy usage and be prompted to save on their gas and electricity bills. Those who are saving some quick bucks are fond of smart meters and recommending others to use these meters to make some savings. It is not just a word of mouth thing but has been proved by an independent research. Smart Energy GB has released its biannual report […]

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According to the figures revealed by the Ofgem, there were 5 million complaints made by the customers to larger energy suppliers in 2015 and inaccurate billing was the most common issue with them. The UK Government set a revolutionary target of rolling-out 53 Million energy meters into smart meters. As a part of that new commencement 1.6 million smart meters have been installed already. Energy regulator Ofgem published some facts about energy market at the end of February 2016. Smart Meter is also covered there. According to the figures, households are expected to save £26 annually on energy bill once rollout complete in 2020. However, smart meter rollout costs average £6 per household bill initially. Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is managing the entire program of smart meter implementation since April, 2011. Before that Ofgem has accomplished the first phase of the program in March 2011. Smart Energy […]

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What are SMART meters for business electricity and gas? Smart meters are a substitute of your existing business gas and electricity meters. They measure energy usage in the same way as any other traditional meter, with the key difference that they communicate the information back to the supplier; hence manual readings are no longer required. What are the benefits of having a SMART meter? There are numerous benefits of the smart meter. We have listed the top 5 reasons below: See and be aware of what you’re using- make energy efficient choices to save money as well as the environment. Be in control of your energy costs thanks to the transparency offered by the meter. Accurate business bills. No more manual meter readings. Helps you cut your energy consumption. “Smart meters are often talked about as the ‘upcoming and future of energy metering’. The reality is that they’re already well-established […]

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