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I have read the report published in regarding over paying on energy bills by majority homes (around 70%) in UK. A study conducted by Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) says around 70% consumers are using energy through expensive tariffs while cheaper tariffs available in the market!!! Mainly dual-fuel energy subscribers who can save up to £160 a year have failed to choose the most economic deals. And most importantly the reason given by the CMA is much unanticipated for me at least. CMA found few reasons and first is Lack of Awareness about deals, tariffs and other related terms, the second is confusing bills. As a comparison service provider through Free Price Compare, it’s my moral duty to bring some awareness through my article and I have kicked off by this article which gives you a perfect insight into the ten recently launched energy tariffs by leading energy suppliers of […]

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According to finance experts, money-saving is one of the important chapter in profit management. Especially for startups a sure shot cost cutting practice allows you to keep the production cost lower and you can offer the product at less price than your competitors and that is one of the four pillar of successful business startup. You can read number of articles on cost reduction for business but in this article I have only shared five direct cost cutting ideas. By applying all these tips in practice you can experience a distinct drop in overall cost. Now let me come on the stage…!! 1: Use digital technology instead of traditional one Like instead of sending mail via courier or post to dealers, distributors, retailers and other relevant channels you should use email as your primary medium of correspondence. Same as mail, you can avoid phone conversation, you can try Skype and […]

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According to ratings agency Standard & Poor’s, SSE ratings have improved as the company shifts investment towards its networks business. The company’s credit outlook improved from negative to stable, reflecting S&Ps opinion that SSE will maintain a stable risk profile and operating performance. The ratings agency supported the company’s performance by mentioning that “a shift in investment toward low-risk regulated networks that will account for 40 per cent-50 per cent of EBITDA”. They added “In unregulated generation and supply, conditions remain challenging, but we believe there is limited downside from this point,” The uncertainty following Scotland’s decision in the recent independence referendum to remain a part of the UK is one of the main developments limiting risk for the company. It is expected the company will benefit from tightening capacity margins and the upcoming capacity auctions given the size of its thermal power fleet in SSE’s generation business. Meanwhile, its […]

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Finding cheap business electricity is important for any business looking to save money, but many companies completely neglect this important fact. Often business electricity bills just get regarded in the same light as tax bills or the weather – they might not be fair and we might not like them, but beyond moaning there is little we can do about the situation. However, this attitude is a mistake when it comes to power, because there is a lot you can do about reducing the cost of your commercial energy. Cheap business electricity is available to all companies and you can make real savings by switching suppliers and looking at business electricity deals. As a business owner, you are actually in a strong position. The major companies target the business owner with cheap business electricity offers because they want your custom and are willing to compete on price to get it. […]

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