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One of the biggest news that made waves in the telecom sector was when Ofcom decided to slap a £42m fine on the telecom giant BT. It is the largest fine ever imposed on any telecom company and was declared on the basis of regulatory breaches at Openreach, the company that owns the cables and pipes that connect almost all business and home networks in the UK. Apart from the £42m, BT would also be paying a collective amount of £300m to its rivals as it did not compensate other operators for the delay in installing Ethernet lines. A subsidiary of BT, Openreach is the biggest cable network provider in the United Kingdom that develops and maintains networks for providers like Vodafone, Talk Talk etc. According to the telecom regulator Ofcom, BT did not adhere to the terms of its contract that stated that BT would offer compensation payments to providers […]

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The UK households would soon get some piece of mind as telecom regulator plans to reduce broadband costs. This will have a direct impact on your household bills which would shrink to lower limits. Even if you are currently on the best broadband plans, you will still make savings as the overall cost of broadband service will soon reduce in the coming future. Ofcom plans to reduce the wholesale price that Openreach charges for broadband packages from £88.80 to £52.77 on 2020-2021. Owned by BT, Openreach is the company that provides cables for telephone and broadband networks across the UK. It connects all businesses and homes to the national broadband and telephone network. If the cable and networking cost is reduced, it would impact the overall broadband bills as well. The regulator also hinted that by doing so, it will encourage BT’s competitors to offer broadband packages at cheaper rates. With […]

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UK’s Mobile Operator Three UK is in a spree of expanding business as they purchased the company UK broadband for a cool £250m. It also made a failed attempt to purchase O2 for a whopping £10.25bn but, was stroked by the telecom regulators. However, Three does not seem to budge its plans and instead bought UK broadband, which has around 15,000 customers in the UK. The UK Broadband would be considered as a subsidiary of Three UK and would continue to provide broadband to its customers, albeit it may go through some changes in its policies and the customers would be getting better internet connectivity. Dave Dyson, chief exec of Three UK spoke on their expansion plans and said: “UK Broadband gives us an opportunity to expand our ambition to provide high quality and great value internet connectivity for UK consumers.” Three UK, Hong Kong-based CK Hutchison, has been trying […]

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Broadband is a necessity for one and all, however, the complex contracts can make you suffer from higher bills. If you are not clear about the contracts then you may end up paying hundreds of pounds more. Experts warn customers about shelling unnecessarily due to their lack of awareness on out-of-contract charges. The statistics suggest a collective loss of £1.5 billion a year by customers whose contracts have expired. The main reason for this huge loss is the difference between in-contract and out-of-contract charges levied by broadband providers in the UK. It is estimated that consumers with expired broadband contracts are paying £105 more than those who are in the contract. This annual burden of £105 is just because consumers do not understand the technicalities of the out-of-contract pricing. Moreover, fibre broadband customers lose out on £79 annually when they are out of contract. The reason for this is that while […]

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Broadband has become a basic necessity for every household and price rise in this sector would leave many baffled. Around one third of UK citizens choose to work from home through their internet service and higher internet charges may not be the best news for them. However, the fact is, giant telecom providers like Virgin Media, BT and Sky are expected to raise their prices. Some of them have already announced price hikes which would be in effect from March or April this year. Statistics suggest that providers are charging 50% more for their services than what they used to in 2011 but most of us are suffering due to the lack of information about the telecom schemes. For example, there has been little price rise as far as the in-contract telecom services are concerned. Precisely, in-contract prices have increased by £1.12 for copper broadband and 54p for fibre while […]

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Getting prank calls is the most annoying thing and most of the times you cannot trace the culprit as they keep changing numbers. In addition, there are promotional calls from companies offering services which may bother you during busy times. To rule out these issues, British Telecom has launched a service that would block nuisance calls before they reach home. With this brilliant system, BT can actually divert up to 15 million promotional calls like those of PPI companies and more. Users can even leverage the system by compiling their individual list of numbers which they want to block. Once your list is ready, you need to dial 1572 on receiving an unwanted call or you can add the numbers by going online. BT would also add to this list, the numbers of nuisance callers suggested by customers. This way, BT can give relief from the irritating prank calls and […]

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