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With Christmas around the corner, all of us are busy planning the vacation and celebrations. For the sports and adventure loving souls, this is the best time to go Skiing, ice diving, skating and snowboarding. These exciting and breathtaking sports could be the best Christmas memories for you but there is a drawback associated with these activities which needs to be considered without any compromise.

As all these sports are dangerous when compared to a simple beach side vacation, you must be extra careful about your safety and health. You need a specialist winter sports travel insurance cover as normal travel policy would not include provision for any of these activities. In fact, skiing on standard travel policy can actually get your cover invalidated and leave you without any financial support when you need it the most.

Having said that, lot of people in the UK are still unaware about winter sports travel insurance cover. It was actually proved by a survey done by the travel association ABTA, which concluded that 31% of Brits going on skiing holidays actually do not have winter sports cover included in their travel insurance policy. For all those who buy annual travel policies, there is a provision for an additional cover that protect you on the slopes.

What is the best time to buy winter sports cover?

The best time to buy the cover is when you plan the vacation and not after reaching the destination. The cover would include everything from cancellation of the trip to protecting your ski equipments in case you damage or lose them. As the equipment typically costs between £500 and £800, it is recommended that you buy a cover that includes the safety and security measures of your equipment in the small print.

The worst case scenario in investing on winter sports insurance:

Well, you may never get hurt while enjoying any of the winter sports. This may compel you to think whether you actually needed specialist insurance for the trip or not. Despite this, not going for the specialist cover can be a big gamble as the cost of an accident, treatment in a hospital and repatriation to the UK would be nothing short of thousands of pounds.

In the absence of insurance, you may face a big debt or lose out on a big chunk of your savings. Hence, it is always advisable to buy a specialist cover before you head to a winter sports trip.

What would your winter sports travel cover include?

Winter sports travel cover normally includes the following:

  • Off piste skiing and snowboarding
  • Medical expenses for accidents
  • 24 hour medical support for emergency conditions
  • Equipment loss or damage
  • Mountain rescue
  • Repatriation to a hospital or home, as per the case
  • Liabilities like damage to the accommodation

Furthermore, you can talk to your travel insurance provider about any specific requirement that you have. Note, not all insurance providers would offer off piste skiing insurance as it is considered a really dangerous activity. Some of them would approve it only if you have a qualified guide with you. As per reports, only 10% of the insurers offers cover for unrestricted off-piste skiing and around 71% would offer you off piste skiing insurance provided that you have a guide with you.

In addition, if you want to experience other activities like snowboarding or mountain climbing, then you must have a more comprehensive insurance policy that includes all these activities in the small print. In view of the danger associated with winter sports, most of the insurers show aversion towards offering policy to senior people who are aged above 65. Again, only a small portion of the policy would cover them and they may not get comprehensive insurance.

Policies may vary as per the activities and the danger associated with them. You need to consult your insurance provider and check the small print to see that you are covered for activities, equipments, valuables and the anticipated dangers. It is advisable to choose at least £5m of medical cover to combat the worst situations. Your cover should include everything like ski equipment, passes, piste closure, travel disruption and other weather issues. You must carry a valid EHIC if you are travelling to Europe so that you get medical treatments at local costs.

What’s more? You need to shop around and find a travel insurance provider that offers specialist winter sports cover at affordable rates. FreePriceCompare can assist you for this as we offer free and impartial comparison for over 30+ travel insurance providers in the UK. We can suggest the best winter sports cover deals without charging anything. All you have to do is check our website or call our friendly team of travel experts on 02034757476.

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