Not to be Ignored Car Insurance Tips For The Winter Season

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Car Insurance Tips For The Winter Season

Winter time in the UK can be truly chilly, freezing and even frustrating! Apart from the various measures to keep your home warm and cosy, you would also faces several ‘stay home’ days when the roads are blocked due to excessive snow or adverse weather conditions.

During these times, roads are covered with several layers of snow leading to accidents, traffic jams and car pile ups. As per reports, the time period between December and February records a huge number of accidents due to the snowy, icy and wet driving conditions.

Drivers also feel helpless as the standard car tires become hard and start losing grip of the snowy roads which often leads to vehicles banging into one another. Statistics suggest that nearly 48% of car accidents in the winter are due to vehicles skidding on the icy roads. Road safety experts suggest that drivers should be highly alert in winter so as to prevent fatal accidents.

It has been recorded that winter is also the time for fatal accidents and so, it is advisable for motorists to keep their vehicles winter ready. Let us share with you some more tips on car safety during the winter.

Important tips for car insurance and safety during the winter season:

Closed roads are a sign to stay home!

Hail stricken and snow clad roads are not safe for driving. They lead to skidding of vehicles and accidents as the tires lose their grip on the road. Therefore, it is advisable that you stay at home because it is not only dangerous, but, there are full chances that your car insurance company would deny the claim. Denial of the claim is a 100% possibility if you damage the vehicle while driving on the roads that are declared closed by the government. The car insurance provider will deny such claims by considering it negligence on your part.

Make your car winter ready!

It is important that you modify the vehicle to be winter ready so as to combat the extreme weather conditions. You need to refurbish the car with winter tires or snow tires, which heat up at lower temperatures and thus make for a strong grip on snowy roads. Fix all the four tires together for that perfect, non-slip grip. The icing on the cake is that it may get you a discount on your car insurance.

Make sure that your windscreen wipers and batteries are working properly and you use anti-freeze before leaving for work. Go through the basic checks to ensure that the car is ready to hit the roads.

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Tips to follow when your car is damaged by a tree or snow!

You must have a comprehensive car insurance to combat vehicle damage due to the factors that are beyond your control. For example, damage due to a tree falling on the car or a huge mass of snow falling on the windshield, etc. are easily covered in a comprehensive car insurance cover. As it is optional in standard car insurance, drivers often overlook it, but, it may save you some big deal of money especially in extreme winter weathers. If you do not have this coverage, then it is advisable that you get it as an add-on. It is relatively inexpensive and does not cost you more than a few pounds.

Tips to follow when hit another car or building!

Due to the icy weather, if your car skids and bangs another vehicle or building, your public liability insurance can be of great help. The owner of the property needs to file a claim and they would be compensated by the insurer. If the expense is within the limits of your public liability insurance then you don’t have to pay anything. Suppose your car hits another vehicle and its owner is not around then do not forget to leave a note giving information of your contact details. Missing this step is considered a crime and may result in invalidation of your policy.

Tips to follow when your car gets hit by another vehicle!

If your car is hit by another vehicle, then you can make a claim and the other party would oblige payment through their public liability insurance. You also need to note down accurate information such as the driver’s name, contact details, vehicle registration number and car insurance provider. Another method would be to contact your insurance provider within the time frame mentioned in the small print of your auto insurance. Even if you do not want to make a claim, it is worth informing your car insurance company about the accident.

Tips to follow when the vehicle skids and injures you!

If you are injured during a winter accident, then the first thing is to contact a physician and manage the basic treatment. For small injuries, you can manage treatment through a first aid kit that should be carried in the car. Unless there is another driver whom you can file a claim against, you can use your health insurance and make a claim if the accident is severe or the treatment results in a heavy bill. Informing the police would be an added advantage if there are two parties involved in the accident.

These tips can be of great help in the winter and you must try them if you face any of the events listed above. Things can become easy if you have auto insurance and health insurance in place. If you do not have comprehensive car insurance then buying it now is an additional winter safety trick that would save you money.

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