Your Cruise Holidays Could Be Ruined By An Ineffective Travel Insurance Policy – Check How!

December 10th, 2019

Who doesn’t love to go on a cruise holiday amidst the sea with many adventures and places to explore? But, there is a loophole in this which can actually put you in big trouble if you fall ill or have to cancel the trip. Therefore, one should check their travel insurance cover to verify if it covers them in all situations. According to a recent survey, it was discovered that only 35% of single and 40% of annual travel insurance policies offer cruise cover as a standard.

This means only one third of the policies ensure that you are covered when on a cruise while the rest would want you to pay expensive medical and repatriation costs in adverse circumstances. Moreover, 50% of those policies which cover the cruise may not offer you payouts if they are not informed about the cruise in advance or if you have missed out on an additional premium for the cruise trip.

Statistics from Defaqto suggests that 117 single trip policies and 105 annual travel insurance policies would not offer you cover for cruise trips. Even the amount of coverage varies with the insurance provider as only 39% of single policies and 37% of annual policies pay for the days missed due to illness. The total amount of such payouts would be £540 for a single trip and £545 for an annual trip, which is low when compared to the actual price of the cruise.

Brian Brown, head of insight at Defaqto, advised the travellers by saying that “Travel insurance policies vary greatly in the level of protection they offer for cruises – and some don’t offer cruise cover at all. Therefore, we urge anyone planning on setting sail on a cruise this year to double check their policy and ensure they have an adequate level of cover before they go away.”

He added that “Cruise cover goes beyond normal travel insurance, protecting passengers from incidents such as trip interruption, missed port departures, health assistance services wherever you may be in the world and so on, and it’s vital that holidaymakers realise this before stepping on board. Otherwise they could be hit with unexpected bills on the return home.”

It is always advisable to buy a separate travel insurance policy for your cruise trips as it would not be covered in your standard policy. Also, check whether the policy covers all the places that you are supposed to travel and activities you are planning for. It should also cover you for cancellation from either side or repatriation costs in extreme conditions. It can get complicated to cover all aspects of the trip and so, the standard policies do not cover cruise trips.

For all these reasons and for the safety of your money, you must shop around to find a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers you and the trip in all conditions. If you find it too complicated to compare the insurance providers, then rely on our simplified travel insurance comparison service which can be accessed through our website For an in-person conversation, you can call our friendly and responsible team of price comparison experts on 02034757476.

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