Young drivers beware!! Car insurance fronting can snap you a huge fine

December 10th, 2019

As per motor insurance experts, young drivers could end up in big trouble if they choose fronting, which is an illegal practice of naming an experienced driver as the primary driver in their car insurance policy. They would end up facing a fine of £7,000, which is a sum total of legal fine of £5,000 and up to £2000 pay-out if they crash into another vehicle. As the practice is considered a fraudulent activity by UK car insurance providers, it is subjected to severe fines.

Basically, young drivers use this kind of fraudulent activity to get cheap car insurance premiums in UK. The primary reason behind it is that young drivers are considered a risk by most motor insurance companies and therefore, they offer car insurance with heavy premium costs. On the contrary experienced drivers with good driving behaviour are charged lower car insurance premiums. Young drivers leverage this habit of insurers to save themselves from expensive insurance costs and cheaper insurance premiums.

While many young drivers use car insurance fronting to get cheap car insurance cost, nearly 41% of them are unaware that the practice is illegal and results in heavy fine. However, it should be clear that if you name an experienced driver as the main driver in your UK car insurance policy and if they are found to use the car less frequently then it is considered illegal and incurs huge fine and punishments. In addition, some car insurance providers in UK also invalidate your policy if you go through such short cuts to get cheap car insurance premiums.

To their surprise, it can actually cost much more than an average yearly premiums. Mike Ketteringham, CEO, ingenie, stated that “Fronting is fraudulent activity and it’s concerning that so many drivers don’t seem to realise this; if you’re caught, you could be hit with hefty financial and legal penalties. Not only this, but a conviction could affect your credit rating, and would impact your ability to get other types of insurance in the future.”

He added that “This is bad news for all drivers, but especially young ones who face the highest premiums as it undermines all the hard work and money they’ve invested in learning to drive. Getting on the road can be expensive and it can be tempting to take risks in order to cut costs, but there are other – legal – ways to reduce your premiums such as getting a telematics policy that rewards you financially for good driving.”

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