Winter offer by E.On includes free insulation for all British households!

December 17th, 2019

The Big Six Supplier E.On has taken a commendable step towards helping the energy consumers face the chilling winter. Just ahead of the winter the UK energy supplier has offered free insulation of cavity walls and lofts. Unlike others, the gas and electricity supplier has kept the offer open for all; you don’t need to be a customer of E.On to leverage this wonderful opportunity.

According to the E.On spokesperson, by insulating cavity walls and loft, an average British household would save around £285 a year. Most certainly, this is a lucrative offer especially when the insulation cost of £775 is bared by the Big Six energy supplier. By grabbing this offer, energy customers can save around £1,000 on their home electricity bills in the first year of installation.

In the words of Michael Lewis, the Chief Executive officer of E.On, “By opening the offer up to everyone, no matter who supplies their energy or what their financial circumstances are, we hope that many more people can benefit.”

By cashing on this golden opportunity one gets a chance to create a warm, winter-proof house as well as benefits from the lower energy bills for a long time. However, there is a catch in the story as there are a certain conditions which need to be fulfilled to grab the FREE insulation.

  • Firstly, E.On reserves all rights to end the deal at its own discretion. It may not qualify your home for the offer.

  • Secondly, this offer does not cover housing associations, council tenants and flats.

  • Moreover, the qualifying decision would be solely left to E.On, which ensures that your home meets the criterion laid down by them.

Those interested in the offer can check their eligibility on or call 0330 400 1083 for further details.

According to Shay Ramani, founder of FreePriceCompare, UK’s best energy price comparison expert, “this move of E.On deserves huge applause. The gas and electricity supplier has considered people other than its own customers to offer the free insulation. By doing this, UK energy customers can make big savings on their energy bills.”

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