What Prompts The UK Drivers to Break The Traffic Rules?

December 11th, 2019

According to the reports by the UK government, the number of deaths due to road accidents was equal to 1,732 and the number of seriously injured people was equal to 22,137 in 2015. This number hints a careless approach by British drivers and some of them even admitted to breaking the rules. When quoted in terms of statistics, it was found that around one in every five drivers out of 1,094 UK drivers have broken traffic rules at some point of time or other.

The reasons for these are varied and many to point out, but, according to what one of the road safety researchers suggested, the accidents are mainly due to the personality and circumstances of the driver. It can also be blamed on the confidence a person has in his driving skills which makes him take a leeway to occasionally break the rules. Interestingly, people who hold their licenses for a span of 5 to 25 years are not likely to speed up. Similarly, fresh new drivers also follow the rules quite religiously and so do the experienced drivers.

However, there are still many road accidents happening every year. This leads us to think that there must be some motivating factor that lets a driver press upon the accelerator and raise the speed levels. As per the survey conducted by YouGov and Aviva, it was found that drivers under 25 do not exceed the speed limit without purpose. This is quite contrary to the belief that people who are younger in age tend to experiment with their driving speeds. In fact, the survey suggested that a higher proportion of drivers between 25-24 have admitted to speeding on sporadically.

A unique trend was observed on the correlation of driving with the employment status of the driver. While it was found that 76% of people with a full time employment did not fall in the category of drivers who do their best to follow the traffic rules. This was quite considerable for part time workers (88%) or unemployed people (83%). It was also observed that 30% of the people admitted to purposeful speeding and full time workers dominated in this case. This brings us to the conclusion that to an extent, the driving habits depend on the overall confidence and self esteem of the driver.

Another thing which came up during the survey is that people with children are more regular with following the traffic rules. Only a quarter of the parents admitted to speeding occasionally. Due to this, researchers find a correlation between people with offspring and driving styles.

This way, it is difficult to comprehend the entire driving scenario and what prompts the driver to break the traffic rules. Ultimately, it’s all about bringing awareness on the issue which would lead to a reduction in the number of road accidents and casualties.

To sum up quite simply, bringing awareness in the drivers is the key to reduce road accidents and deaths on the roads.

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