Ways To Get Cheap Home Insurance In The UK

December 12th, 2019

Home insurance is the best way to manage for the loss or damage of your home due to natural or man-made reasons. You can get an easy payoff for your property if you have insured it in advance. Attempts to get a cheap home insurance deal need certain calculated steps as mentioned below.

Steps to get a cheap home insurance deal:

Say no to frequent claims: Unless there is no alternative, don’t make regular claims. You can expect lower premiums if you do not make frequent claims. Again, you should check whether your insurance provider offers a ‘no claims discount’. In most instances it is available, allowing you to you save money from future premiums.

Choose to pay annually: If you can afford to do so then, it is advisable that you pay annually instead of going for monthly premiums. The instalments spread across a year may prove costlier than the once in a year premium. Paying monthly is equivalent to taking a loan from your provider and so has higher interest resulting in fat premiums.

Call for a secure home: A secure home would get a nod for lower premiums. Go for high quality locks for your building’s doors and windows. Do not forget to fit a burglar and a smoke alarm in the home. This reduces chances of damage of property and so the insurer may give discounts on the premiums.

Pay a higher excess: A voluntary payable amount at the beginning of the insurance period is called an excess. If you have lump sum money and pay a higher excess at the very start of the insurance policy, then the provider will ask for a lower premium amount.

Keep the property occupied: Insurance providers charge higher premiums if the property is unoccupied for a period of 28 days or more. If you are going for long holidays, then make sure that the property is occupied by friends or relatives or else you need to shell out extra money for the premium.

Choose a secure area to live: If you are planning to move into a new house, then choose an area that faces the least amount of natural calamities. For example, a house susceptible to floods, tornadoes and even volcanic damages would be charged with higher premiums. A house in a secure living area is in the benefit of the insurer and so they will offer lower premiums.

Avoid auto-renewals: It is often observed that insurers entice new customers with discounted offers and push up the premiums of their existing policyholders. Instead of renewing the policy every year, just shop around to check if there is another provider offering you better discounts. Even if you stick to the same insurer, you can certainly keep an eye on the bloating premium amounts.

Invest in a quake proof house: Earthquake can cause a huge damage to any property. Choose a building that is resistant to quakes and other forms of earthly upheavals. Now, as your house is more secure, it will be covered with lower premiums.

Compare the providers: Last but not least, compare the home insurance providers before taking out a home insurance policy. There are many home insurance companies in the UK. So, you need to buy from the one that offers you a good home insurance deal at the cheapest premiums. Again, check for the discounts they offer so that you can cut down the premium cost to a bare minimum.

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