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November 8th, 2019

How to pack it all and still keep it light?

Want to be an expert at holiday packing? – Check how below!

Travelling for long holidays is like carrying an entire house with you. You need to take essentials as well as the mundane things that you can’t live without. Packing for the trips can be great fun but, sometimes it may turn out to be a pain in the neck. The idea is to make it simple, easy and error proof. One cannot afford to miss out on things while can’t indulge in over packing at the same time. To master the art of packing, you need to be very clear with your itinerary. Details of what you will do on your trip would make way for an excellent packing time. You can travel happy and cheap with a light luggage. Therefore, consider every little thing that you need before heading on for a trip.

Things to consider while packing for a trip:

Pack the same for 3 weeks or 3 months!

Even if you are staying for a few weeks or are on an extended trip that lasts a few months, you can take the same things with little or no additions. Take the basic, wrinkle proof dresses that can be the best fit for the weather and the trip activities. Keeping mix and match dresses, which can be worn in different ways and suffice multiple events would actually squeeze your suitcase to a manageable size. The ideal luggage would be one big suitcase and a sling or carry-on bag. You can also take roll over bags for a sense of convenience.

Go for layers than heavy clothing

Europe can be chilling in winters and you really need warm clothes to live through it. Well, the best way to do it would be to layer your body with t-shirts, cardigans, jackets, pullovers, jumpers and more. When it’s cold, just use these to layer up and in warm weather go for single cool piece of clothing. Research and pack what the locals of the place you plan to travel wear, as that would be a comfy thing for the season. It would also be a fresh fashion change for you.

The shoe side – Say no to heels!

You may not need heals unless you go to places famous for ball dance or night time parties. Instead, take slip-ons that are flat and easy to walk in. You can take hiking boots for your adventure trips. Colour coding should be kept to minimal. Neutral colours, one out of brown and black shoes and comfy socks would do.

Buy essentials in one place and give them away

If you are travelling in discreet places, then no need to carry things that are not suitable for all places. Just buy them at one place and then give them away before moving on. Like if you don’t need snorkelling and fins at all places, then it’s better to buy them on the island places and then leaving or selling them back when you move to a dry destination.

Comfort at the first place!

Your luggage should not be the biggest hassle on the trip. Make sure you pack things in such a way that you can carry it to long distance. Even if you will hop on flights and trains, you still need to carry the bags in between. So, the best idea would be to limit your luggage to one manageable sized rolling bag and a small carryon sling bag that can rest easily on your shoulders. Expert travellers suggest the biggest bag should not be more than 20 pounds.

Minimise the laundry!

You must carry a foldable laundry bag to keep away the used clothes. To save the unused clothes from the stinking smell of the used one, just use dryer sheets and keep them fresh. You can do laundry cleaning in between breaks that is wherever you get a comfortable place to stay in. But make sure you take clothes that you can wear for more number of times so as to minimise the laundry. Most hotels offer an ironing service so no need to carry an iron. If you still feel like taking one, go for a small, travel friendly iron.

Keep space and weight in mind

Travelling through trains, buses and taxis may be a big hurdle if you have a big bag to carry. So, keep space and weight in mind while packing your bags. You can definitely take off that heavy party dress and adjust it with a LBD. If there is no way to go to a gym, then leaving those gym clothes at home would be an intelligent idea. Again, replace big toiletries with smaller alternatives so that you save space while still not miss out on the urgent and important things.

A word of caution – Packing too much can be the biggest mistake!

Yeah! Packing extra stuff is one big mistake you will regret on your trip. Your bag should contain the essential stuff, but should not have things to last an entire season. It will be a big difficulty to carry such things and in case of theft you will lose out on a lot of stuff. So, stay light and safe by packing only the relevant things.

Important things that should not be left behind:

  • Necessary documents and/or their photocopies
  • Mobile charger & Universal adaptor
  • Credit card & Money belt
  • Torch & Bottle opener
  • Alarm clock
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Raincoat and Backpack rain cover
  • Earphones, Speakers and book reader
  • Wet wipes
  • Hiking boots
  • Emergency telephone numbers
  • Lastly, carry your bags and practice

Go through a cross check of all the items. See if you have not missed out on anything. The best way to check your comfort level with the luggage is to pack it a day before and practice holding it and take a walk. This way, you will know if it would be easy to carry during the trip or not. You can reconsider dropping extra stuff at this time and squeeze your bag to an even smaller size. This would be your last check and you are ready to go. Also, don’t forget to practice on the day before leaving your home.

Consider the above mentioned things while packing your bags. You will find the ideas quite helpful and time saving. With these tips, expertise in packing is guaranteed and you will also love to travel more. So, the thumb rule is to keep it light and happy! All the Best!

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