Visit Santorini – For Cycladic Architecture, Caldera and Romantic Getaway

November 26th, 2019

Considered as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, Santorini is worth a trip. The beautiful island made after volcanic remnants, is situated at the southernmost part of Greece. Belonging to Cyclades group of islands, Santorini has many archaeological sites, picturesque villages, museums, churches, wineries and beaches. Famous for its cliff side homes painted in white and blue, the place is an actual representation of Greek culture. You will be fascinated by the historical sites of this island and may still find it cheaper than other islands. You can do plenty of activities on your trip to Santorini.

Things to do while in Santorini:

Visit the volcano and hot springs: You must go on a one day trip to the volcano’s caldera. Right opposite the coastline, the place has a unique natural and scenic beauty. Spending some quality time here would be refreshing. In addition, you can go to Nea Kameni, a place of healing hot springs. Take a dip in these springs that contains sulphur and other minerals to heal your body from aches and problems related to stiff nerves. You can completely rejuvenate yourself in these therapeutic streams.

Walk around wineries: Santorini is blessed with a fertile land that is perfect for growing grapes. The place has many wineries which can be toured in half a day. For all the wine lovers, this would be a memorable visit. For touring around the place, you can rent an ATV and have fun with the adventure.

Check out the beaches: If you want to see the wonders of nature then don’t forget to visit the beautiful red beach. The water gets a shade of red due to the reflection of the red volcanic cliff and thus gets an unseen, vibrant aura. You can also check out the beach with black sand. It looks earthy and unique.

Walk along Oia: Oia is a picturesque village famous for its quiet life and fantastic sunset. The place has narrow streets and is full of cultural attractions like Maritime museum, library and art galleries. You can enjoy long walks here and check out many tourist shops, taverns and cafes on the way.

Tour around Fira: Certainly one of the busiest city, Fira is the capital of Santorini. You will find all kinds of restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and jewellery shops here. There are some churches, museums and monasteries that add to the architectural beauty of the place.

Visit Akrotiri: This is a wonderful site with the remains of an ancient town preserved by volcanic ash. Built in 4500 B.C., the town is assumed to be destroyed twice, once by an earthquake and then by a volcanic eruption. It is an excellent example of perfect urban planning and gives proof that the ancient architecture was full-fledged and superbly structured. With the remains of pottery and frescoes, Akrotiri also reveals the cultural part of the submerged town. A perfect getaway for historians, geologists and researchers!

Scuba dive to see the wrecks: All the water babies can have the pleasure of watching the wrecks by diving 14 meters down the sea. You can find here many ancient Greek ships and check out their architecture and design. You will be amazed with what you find within the sea. An astounding site!

Hike around: The landscape around the island can be best explored when you go hiking through the island. You will be stunned with the natural beauty and spend some time being with it. Walking through little towns, villages, cave housing, gardens and tiny churches would be an out of world experience.

Go on a boat excursion: You can spend a day for boat excursion that starts from Ammoudi bay and traverses through the volcanic island, the hot springs and Thirassia. You will enjoy the hours spent touring around in boats.

All this and more can be done at Santorini. The island is touristy and still quite cheap compared to many other islands of Greece. An ideal place for romantic getaways, you can get some quiet time if you go out of the town. The hotel prices are quite low and you can get a room for two in just 50 – 80 EUR. Food is much cheaper here and you can have a full tummy meal along with wine in just 18 EUR. Bus tickets start at 1.60 EUR and taxis take you around the island in just 27 EUR. Isn’t it really cheap?

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