Veterinary Experts Broke The Myth Of Two Ideal Meals For Our Cats

December 11th, 2019

Now this one is a mind ticker for all you cat lovers as it breaks the myth of offering two meals to our kitties. Cat owners follow this practice to keep their cat fit and prevent it from being overweight. The max we do is to give it some table scrap or milk in between the meals. However, veterinarians named Dr Sarah Ellis and Dr Lizzie Rowe says that this is a wrong way of feeding the felines.

According to them, you should give five or more small meals at regular intervals during the day. They have done extensive study in International Cat Care and thus suggest that the five meal plan suits the natural instincts of cats. They say that as the cats spend max time hunting in the wild so their natural habit is to eat food at periodic intervals. The doctors also suggested that cats tend to overeat in the two big meals plan, which makes them curb their natural instinct to stop eating when their tummy is full.

To rekindle their natural instincts, the cats should be given frequent meals through timed feeders which would substitute nibbles at night too. Also, cats would normally hunt at night which makes this practice more efficient and healthy for their system. In addition, they said that meal times should be made interesting like a hunt through puzzle feeders or by hiding their eating bowls.

This plan proves highly successful as it reduces the anxiety level, stress and aggressive tendencies of the feline. It also supports healthy weight loss in case your pet cat is on the higher end of the scale. By reducing the aggression, the five meal plan would save your expensive furniture from scratches by the pet. According to Dr Ellis, the modern method of giving two times meal is dangerous for the pets as it curbs their natural instinct and the five meal plan can actually give boost to their longevity.

Therefore, you should change the eating habits of your pet and switch to the five or more meals a day plan. It will improve the feline’s health along with adding some more years to its life. It would be economical in the long run as you would need fewer vet visits and reduce your pet insurance premiums as well. So, consider this method and see your furry ball of joy as more calm, composed, healthy and happy!

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