Use Smart technology for cheap car insurance premiums, says experts

October 10th, 2019

One of the easiest ways to reduce car insurance premiums is to use smart technology. As insurance premiums are calculated on the risk involved and chances of making a claim by the policyholder, security and automated features will play a key role in getting cheap motor insurance cover in UK. Therefore, experts suggest that drivers should install the latest technology and safety features in their vehicles.

Smart technology that ensure cheap motor insurance cost:

Black Box: A small phone size device called Black Box is fitted in the car to record the driving habit of the driver. Often termed as the telematics system, the Black Box uses GPS to monitor driving parameters like acceleration, breaking, speed and other things like frequency of accidents. By installing a black box in your car, you know that you are being monitored by your car insurance provider and thus choose to drive safely which eventually reduce motor insurance premiums.

It is also a hands-on method through which the UK car insurance providers track accidents and check whether you are at fault or not. Motor insurance experts say that the uses of telematics reduce car insurance premiums by 20%. Hence, telematics can be a key player in getting cheap car insurance premiums.

Autonomous Emergency Breaking: This is a safety technology that automatically stops the car if the driver fails to do so. As per reports, 75% of collisions occur when the speed is less than 25mph. This kind of auto breaking system ensures that cars do not bang into each other. It prevents accidents by sensing the road conditions and has proved effective in reducing accidents by 38%. Statistics suggest that AEB has minimized third party insurance claims by 45%. It is a successful technology that reduces the overall cost of car insurance on a long term basis.

Automatic Parking: Another innovation in motor technology is the automatic parking system. Installing this technology facilitates the driver to park the car by a single press of a button. According to experts, 25% of motor insurance claims are due to parking and low-speed maneuvering and therefore, this technology can prove highly effective to get cheap motor insurance premiums.

UK car insurance providers keep a keen eye on the driving habits of a driver and safety functionality of their vehicles. If your vehicle has smart technology that supports better driving habits and reduces insurance claims then they are worth investing in. These technologies play a pivotal role in minimizing insurance claims which eventually lowers the car insurance premiums. If you still don’t have these technologies installed then it’s high time you make a wise investment.

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