Upgrade Your Old Phone With New 4G Phone

October 23rd, 2019

Well, the time has come to upgrade your old phone. Most phones now are 4G enabled, which will allow users to surf speeds greater than non-fibre optic broadband. There are four major networks that provide 4G access, they are O2, Vodafone, EE and Three.  In this blog we look at points to consider when looking to get a new phone.

  1. Budget. Smart phones can be purchased online from as little as £30 – £40 to premium handsets like IPhone going for over £600. There are also phones that are premium in build and design that are half the price IPhones. Consider what’s most important to you.
  1. Think about what you need your phone for? Will it be occasional use or very frequent use? Will you be streaming lots of data? If you going to be a heavy user than the package price will reflect that usage.
  1. If you are buying an unlocked phone, pay attention to the bands it covers particularly if you are buying online. Certain Chinese brands will not cover 800 MHz frequency, so 4G speeds will not be accessible if your network operates at that frequency.
  1. How important is brand image to you? Samsung Galaxy range and Apple IPhone are the most desirable and have a high price premium. Cheaper, less well known brands could provide the same specs for half the price.

In terms of network coverage EE remains the clear front runner. EE stole the lead on its competitors by changing some of its 3G capacity to 4G. EE is the only network to cover all the available 4G frequencies. EE is the fastest of all the four networks too, with an average speed of nearly 17.8 mbps.

O2 covers the spectrum 800 MHz and has an average speed of 13.2 mbps.

Vodafone covers the spectrum 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz but has an average speed of 13.1mbps.

Three had a later entry to the 4G sphere and has a much lower 4G speed (average 9.2 mbps). It covers the bands 800 MHz and 1.8 GHz.


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