UK to Face Cold Homes and High Heating Bills

December 17th, 2019

Winter is approaching and the UK nationals need to be ready for the chilly weather. According to reports, one out of every ten families in the UK cannot afford to pay the winter bills. Official figures from the BBC suggest that around 2.6 million households have difficulty in choosing when to light up the boiler. When the survey was made on the winter conditions of 16 European countries, UK occupied the bottom space.

The reason for this is that the place has some of the least insulated homes and draughtiest windows. Therefore, even if they have the most powerful heating systems, the warmth will creep out of the cracks. As per a survey done by the Association for the Conservation of Energy, out of 11 northern European nations, the United Kingdom has homes with the leakiest windows and its floors get the tenth rank out of the eleven competitors.

An estimated 15.9% of homes in the UK have poorly insulated walls and windows. Dr.Joanne Wade, CEO of the Association for the Conservation of Energy said that the UK has now become the “cold man of Europe”. She adds that “There are far too many people living in housing that does not offer them warmth and comfort, failing to support their health.” However, a few lucky families that live on low income can still keep their homes warm in just 15 minutes of heating.”

People living in cities like Bristol and Lockleaze are the cities that lose maximum warmth and are at the bottom of energy conservation. People with low incomes cannot afford to spend on heating homes continuously. Millions of homes in the UK need proper insulation and draught proofing, some temporary fixes are available but many people are unaware of them.

Some of the quick measures for dealing with the winter are fuel vouchers!

Fuel vouchers: You can easily buy a small fuel voucher that costs around 49 pounds. The scheme is always under supervision and vouchers can be taken only three times in six months. So, you need to be careful.

The Trussell Trust has taken the initiative of distributing 50,000 vouchers in 30 towns and cities across the UK. People can get these vouchers and warm up their homes in the winter. The total voucher fee offered by the Trussell Trust is being paid from the money acquired as a fine from the Big Six energy firm nPower.

However, it is not a permanent solution and UK homes do need proper insulation to combat the winters. The following measures would support energy savings in the winter:

Insulation is a must: A well-insulated home with double glazed windows and cavity insulated walls needs very little heating. When insulation is at its best, just 15 minutes of heating can keep the home warm and cosy. On the energy rating scale of A to G, the best insulated home fall in the A category- which accounts for only 1.3% of such homes in the UK.

Housing loans for insulation: You can take loans from banks to get your home insulated and there are numerous government schemes that offer money. The repayment can be made in small amounts and you would have the added benefit of lower energy bills. People can leverage such schemes to make sure that they are safe in winter and choose to live in draught proof homes.

Switch the supplier: If you have a well-insulated home then it is important that you choose an energy supplier with lower tariffs. If you have not changed your energy supplier for a while then there are chances you are on the standard tariffs which prove to be highly expensive. Shop around and switch to a supplier that offers you lower tariffs and special discounts.

To assist we offer you comparison of all the energy suppliers in the UK and get you the best quotes and discount deals. You can easily choose the supplier that suits your requirements and cut down on your winter bills this year. For more information and details, check out our website or call our friendly team of energy experts on 02034757476.

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