UK Motorists Deviating To Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFV)

November 26th, 2019

Increasing fuel costs post Brexit is one of the main reasons that UK motorists are choosing Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFV). The government is also encouraging the use of electric cars to minimise carbon emission and the Spring Budget 2017 pushes drivers to make savings. In these circumstances, choosing AFVs are the best way out for UK drivers as they are cost saving solutions with a strong appeal.

According to the statistics given by the insurance provider RAC, the numbers of AFVs registered have increased by 20% in February 2017 when compared to the same time last year. Around 7200 of the 174,564 registered in January this year are AFVs which form 4.2% of the market share. This is a positive sign as the UK would have more environment friendly vehicles which are not only easy to drive but are also beneficial for the general health of the people.

In addition, registration of petrol car has boosted by 8.9% and diesel fell by 4.3% and is expected to exist for the next eight years only. Manufacturers are even switching to different vehicle types. The wave and demand for AFVs is expected to continue to inflate in the coming years. The best part about choosing AFVs is that you can leverage various government schemes that facilitate the motorists in reducing their fuel bills and other costs.

For example, the government has been keen on increasing the charging stations for electric vehicles and has announced projects for offering discounted charging stations for individual residences. This would be very helpful for electric car drivers who are always on the lookout for public charging stations for their cars. At times, the long queues at the charging destinations are a disturbing sight and calls for some concrete action from the government.

Going for AFVs is the best way to reduce fuel costs and the best part is that the authorities are keen to help them with all the facilities. However, you may not have many insurance options for the AFVs as many insurers do not provide this service but, the market is changing and drivers can expect good insurance deals for their vehicle. Now, the point to note is that insurance for AFVs is more expensive than their traditional counterparts, due to their costly spare parts and higher overall costs.

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