UK government allots £4 million for tech projects to minimise traffic and decarbonise the environment

December 10th, 2019

The UK government is serious about decarbonising the environment and clearing up road traffic situations to reduce the number of accidents. To facilitate the process of minimising congestion on UK roads, it has invested in traffic dispersing technologies so that it speeds up the daily journey of millions. The technology would also focus on clearing up the environment so that UK citizens live in the less polluted surroundings.

The government ensured that the tech projects should roll-out fast by allotting £4 million to them. The projects would be aimed at things like notifying motorists about free parking spaces, traffic on the roads as well as real time driving information. The projects would also include using technology to inform visually impaired people about the real time traffic situations so that they can ensure their personal safety while on the roads.

According to government reports, 19 councils across England would receive funds between £50,000 and £300,000 each to facilitate drives with projects that involve digital innovations. The money would be used in developing sensors, apps and information like electric car charging points, availability of parking spaces and basically things that aid in dispersing congestion on the roads.

The main aspects covered by the projects are:

  • Using the Bluetooth technology to cut out traffic

  • To build apps that provide advance warning about congestion to drivers on the A31

  • Circulating real-time road traffic information through social media, phone apps and on-street display devices

  • To build systems that informs about the availability of parking space in 450 pay and display parking spots

  • To give information about nearest charging stations for EVs

  • For informing visually impaired people about the real-time traffic situations

Road Minister Andrew Jones spoke about the bidding process and fund allotment by saying that “I congratulate today’s winners for coming up with cutting-edge, innovative ideas that will transform journeys for passengers and motorists across the country. Technology is rapidly evolving and this important work shows that if we get it right, it can cut congestion, speed up journeys, clean up the environment, and improve accessibility.”

To conclude, the UK government is managing quick action when it’s about combating the traffic. The tech projects would be helpful to the drivers in the long run and would smoothen up the congestion on the roads. Overall, an appreciable step by the UK government!

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