UK Celebrated Green Christmas With Two-Fifth of Electricity Supplied From Renewable Sources

November 26th, 2019

It was a green Christmas for the UK energy sector as 41% of the electricity was supplied through renewable sources. The main sources were wind, solar, hydropower and biomass which contributed to the production of renewable electricity.

The Imperial College of London performed research on this topic and has come up with some astonishing findings. According to their report, three quarters of the renewable electricity came from wind power. In fact, wind electricity contributed to 30% of the total green electricity consumed on Christmas Day.

Even reports from other sources like the MyGridGB website suggested that the total share of renewable electricity was 43% this Christmas. When clubbed with nuclear power, the collective contribution of low carbon sources was equal to 70% on Christmas 2016. As many of the businesses generating electricity from coal are closed, it was found that gas generated just 17% of power while coal contributed to just 7% of it.

As per MyGridGB, the demand for green electricity was at its peak during lunchtime on Christmas Day when turkeys were being cooked at most homes. A similar report given by Drax, leading British supplier of renewable energy, clarified that biomass generation has soared from 0.5 gigawatts on Christmas 2015 to 2 GW this Christmas Day.

To conclude, Christmas 2016 was a green Christmas in the UK as max electricity consumed was from renewable resources. This is a positive step towards lowering the carbon footprint of the United Kingdom!

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