Travelling Myths That Stop You From Learning The Best Lessons In Life

December 11th, 2019

One of the best quotes about travelling is that “Travelling first leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller”. It is a one liner that describes the depth of wisdom you get on becoming a traveller. Again, it’s rightly said that travel teaches you more than anything else in life and travellers have experienced the truth behind these sayings. However, there are a couple of myths about travel that keeps people away from globetrotting.

Today, let us learn a bit more about what stops people from travelling and check whether these fears are actually founded. There are many travellers and bloggers who have busted the myths surrounding travels. If some of these myths exist in your mind and you too are postponing your travels due to any of these reasons then it’s time for a revelation.

Talking about best travellers in the world, one of the names that float into the mind is Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt, an American traveller popular for finding the cheapest methods for globetrotting. Matt, encourages people to travel and save for the big dreams. He also bursts the various myths surrounding travelling and gives logical reasons to not believe in falsehood and wrong stories.

Some of the travelling myths that one should not believe:

Travel is an expensive affair!

Well, most of us would associate travelling with luxury and consider it an expensive affair. However, there are many travellers who suggest that it is not so and one can travel with minimum means and expenses. You just need to know the right rules and should be ready for a bit of discomfort. In fact, people like Nomadic Matt have suggested travelling in a small budget. Apart from booking luxurious tours, one can shop around to find the sites and flight booking services that offer discounted deals. Eating local food at local restaurants would cost you much less than eating in a classy restaurant. In addition, you can use public transport rather than personal cab to cut down travelling costs. These small tips make up for big savings, so, you should apply them and enjoy the trip.

Travel is a man’s prerogative!

Most of the popular travellers consider this as a myth and suggest that travelling to an unknown destination might pose risks for anybody, irrespective of gender. There are numerous examples of female travellers who have lived their travel dream without many hassles. By being a little smart, careful and prudent, you can actually travel the globe without any problems at all.

Travelling can be done in your youth only!

Many people believe that travelling cannot be done in their old age or when you have crossed your forties. Well, this is absolutely incorrect as age is not a limitation if you have an earnest desire to travel. There are people who travel in their 60s and enjoy the trips to the fullest. So, keep your age aside as it’s just a number, chart out your favourite destinations, plan an itinerary and just march ahead.

Lodging and eating would be a big issue!

There are many who feel that they may not enjoy the food or might not feel comfortable in hotels. This is again a falsehood as travellers love to eat the local delicacies. In fact, food is one of the biggest reasons for some of the travellers to explore the globe so that they can try the best dishes in the world. If you are worried about hotels and stay, then you have plenty of options to choose from – cheap hostels to luxurious hotels, you can choose the one that suits you the most.

Travel insurance is not the basic necessity!

This is certainly a myth as you need a good travel insurance policy that covers all aspects of your trip. Suppose you get stranded on a trip or face flight cancellation then you would have to pay a heavy price for not buying travel insurance. You must insure your trip once you are done with your flight and hotel bookings. Do not wait for last minute insurance as even the slightest delay can cost you a big amount of money.

In conclusion, travelling has many benefits and many of its so called drawbacks are just pure myths. These are just five of the most common travelling myths and you can add to the list.

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