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Travel Insurance For Over 65s – Check The Facts And Concerns

April 20, 2016

If you are over 65 years of age and still want to fulfil your travelling dream then it’s advisable to go well prepared. Yes! Prepare yourself for the unpredictable and buy a travel insurance cover. Although it is a general temperament that getting travel insurance for over 65 is a tough task, it still is possible. There are numerous insurance providers that offer an assurance for people above 65 years of age. But the question here is that whether you get the value for the money paid? Check the concerns associated with a travel cover for over 65.

Travel cover for over 65 – Facts and concerns

Pay higher for the age: Insurance providers will charge higher premiums for the elderly. As they have to pay for the risks associated with a wide range of age related emergencies, the cover proves costlier than the standard cover. You can also go for selected medical conditions, if your standard travel policy does not facilitate cover for any specific ailments.

Reduce the booking and buying gap: Again, one thing for sure is that you should be insured as soon as you book your trip. A delay in buying may give you tough times if you need to cancel the trip due to any reason. If you are not insured while cancelling then it is an extreme waste of money. In case of elderly people, there are more chances of cancellations and so, you need to buy an assurance soon after booking the trip. This will you save money and grant peace of mind.

Buy separate policy: Rather than being a part of the family or group policy, you should choose a separate cover if over the age of 65. Insurance providers charge a higher premium if the family cover has elderly people in it. This may cost you a lot. So, better get a separate policy and save some good money. Separate premiums are much lower than family premiums and they provide additional facilities if the need arises.

Choose a single trip cover over an annual cover: If you have crossed the 65 year mark, then it is always advisable to choose a single trip travel cover. An annual cover may not be the best idea as you may not travel frequently. Moreover, you may need to cancel trips due to age related issues. So, it’s better to choose a single trip cover over an annual cover. An exception here is possible only if the annual cover is cheaper than the single trip. So, check with your insurance provider and find the best bet of the two.

The EHIC is a must for the elderly: For your European travels an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is a must. You may need medical assistance frequently and EHIC would be the best financial support for it. Take an EHIC to save upon your medical costs.

Don’t overpay: You can get an affordable travel insurance cover even if you are over 65. If you are healthy and there are very low chances of you making a claim then there is no need to pay whopping premiums. Buy a policy that is enough to suffice your health requirements. Do not indulge in huge medical covers. Compare and choose the most appropriate policy and save upon your money.

Say no to travel agents: Buying insurance from an airline or a travel agent can prove really expensive. There is no need to pay extra when you have online insurers that offer good deals on over 65’s insurance. Just check, compare and save hundreds of pounds on your travel insurance policy by buying online. helps you compare the various travel insurance covers, providers and deals. This will save you a big amount of money and you will get the safest yet cheapest over 65’s travel cover.

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