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Travel Insurance – Facts And Details

April 20, 2016

The idea of travelling is always fascinating. One assumes adventure and fun to be a part of the trip. However, when on roads you may find certain unexpected events which need you to stump up the cost. This can certainly take away the joy you gained from the trip. Accidents, last minute flight cancellation and lost luggage are some of the common problems faced by travellers.

While on the road, you never know what you are going to face. You may have an excellent time, but some travelling hiccups can be a part and parcel of the game. For this, the best solution is to buy travel insurance. To put in simple words, travel insurance is an assurance for oneself and the family to cover financial losses and medical expenses that may incur during a domestic or overseas trip. If you are insured then you can get reimbursement from your valid expenses.

A basic travel insurance policy contains the following:

It is important to get a travel insurance cover that suits your needs and stills give you good value for money. You can choose a basic yet comprehensive policy and ask for add-ons.

Things covered in basic travel insurance policies:

Cancellations: In case you need to cut your trip short due to any emergency at home or work, then there should be reimbursed as per the policy. It can be anything between the cost of the trip or an amount equal to £3,000. Read the small print and make sure it contains all the details for curtailment or cancellation of trip.

Delay and loss of belongings: If your flight is delayed by more than 12 hours, then you can be compensated for that. Loss of luggage can get a pay-out up to £1,500. Valuable items like cameras and laptops can be insured for £250 or £500. This way, your travel insurance cover will give you good value for money.

Personal liability: if you are held responsible for injuring a person or damage to a property, then a personal liability cover will help to cover up the expenses. You must have this in the event of someone making a claim against you even if the damage is unintentional.

Emergency assistance: For people travelling in different time zones, this cover helps as it supports a 24 hour helpline.

Medical cover: Medical cover should be a part of your travel insurance to make payout in case of illness or accidents while on the trip. If you are travelling abroad then repatriation should also be included in your medical cover. If you are pregnant while travelling, then this cover is a must. Nonetheless, you need to check the terms and conditions in the small print. You may not be covered for pre-existing health conditions. So, check in advance and be honest, otherwise the insurer may invalidate your policy.

You can use an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), which allows you to get treatment in the state hospitals of Europe, Iceland and Norway. The card is a good option but should not be considered as a substitute for the insurance.

Apart from this, you need answers to the few questions that makes things clear about your travel expenses and the insurance would be beneficial for you. This will help you in planning the trip and get add-ons if needed.

What about the excess in a travel insurance policy?

Excess is important in this cover as well. As it is well known that excess is the amount paid by the policyholder towards any claim. However, some policies may charge excess per section which may pile up the cost. Check with insurer if there are any such clauses in your travel policy.

Europe or worldwide insurance?

If you are travelling within Europe, then choosing a travel insurance policy that covers all European countries would be enough. For people that stretch the boundaries to include places like Egypt and Turkey into their trip should choose a worldwide cover. This cover is costlier than the one you would choose for Europe. For travelling to countries that are far away from European border, you should go for worldwide cover only.

Whether to choose annual or single trip insurance cover?

You can take insurance for each trip and pay premiums for it or choose to buy an annual multi trip travel insurance that covers N number of trips throughout the year. The multi trip insurance may have large premiums, but if you are a travel geek then it would cost you much lower than the sum of all your trips within the year. So, if you have the travel plans ready then go for the right choice of insurance too.

What if you already have an existing cover?

Before buying travel insurance, check your existing policies. Like some home contents policies that covers your belongings even outside of the home. In such events, you may not require part of your travel insurance policy. This is a good way of saving money on your travel cover.

Get answers to all these questions from your insurance provider and then buy the travel insurance cover that is right for you. Buy the cover that best suits all your requirements and still gives you value for your money. For this, you need to compare travel insurance providers across the UK. offers comparison services and will assist you in getting the cheapest travel insurance policy.

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