January 22nd, 2014

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Ever wanted to cross miles upon miles of air, land and oceans and finally see what it is over In Australia? Possibly even meet some Kangaroos at a zoo and see crocodiles in natural habitats? Sydney, with its diversity in natural beauty, buildings and culture makes it a unique place. It has a hot climate at an average of 330C during the summer from October to February, meaning cooler temperatures preside during UK summer.

Sydney is probably the oldest city in Australia founded for convicts in 1788, but prior to that has been home to Aborigines for a 100, 000 years.

Today’s Sydney is a far cry from its past, as it is an ultra-modern city with breath taking scenery and amazing skyline. You’ll be in awe at the Sydney Opera House with its futuristic design which was opened in 1973. Book a ticket and watch a show – you’ll be glad you did!

The other iconic structure to marvel at is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which has a surreal quality at sunset. There are many cafes which gives great vantage points to experience sunset over the bridge.

For sun, sea and surf or a gentle lie on the beach, head towards the world famous Bondi Beach. Renowned world over to surfers and the ‘Body Beautiful’ – but don’t be bashful as there are people of all shapes and sizes enjoying the beach.

For a culinary journey – there are not many places better than Sydney. Experience the delights of ‘shrimps on the barby’, with a cold beer and there are many eateries which are excellent at that, however don’t stick to just shrimps you’re in Sydney try the other marvellous sea food on offer.

For a fine dining experience you’ll find none better than Tetsuya’s, arguable the best Japanese restaurant outside of Japan. Tetsuya’s creation have become world renowned.

Sydney has also some of the best street food, with variety and mix as good as any place in the world. But there is one thing that stands out with Sydney Street food, and that is Harry’s Café. His awesome creation of a pie topped with mashed potato, peas and gravy is a taste sensation. One thing to note, you’ll be in a long queue.

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