November 8th, 2019

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It comes to us all when we just need a break especially when the weather is cold and miserable. We need an escape to a warm retreat where we can let out our troubles, be free and just release and relax those tense joints from the daily stress of life. Right everyone?!

Well, why not take a trip to Melbourne?The City has a lot to offer from lush botanical gardens, surrounded by stunning scenery and plantsto watching blockbusters or classic movies at the Yarraville Theatre which is an old and very popular cinema in the heart of the city. Melbourne offers great events, taste bud tingling food and wine, an amazing eccentric art scene, a pool full of activities and other attractions. The city itself is magical and enchantingwith everything from the bustling day time to a busy night life.

There are number of Museums in Melbourne but our top pick is the National Sports Museum which showcases Australia’s greatest sporting achievements, from the Ashes to the countless Olympic Gold Medals.

Shopaholics fear not, for the Bourke Street Mall is the shopping hub of the city and it offers an impressive range of designer labels and other stores to suit everyone’s style, taste and budget.

After a long day of visiting these destinations a lovely evening picnic, with food from the bustling local restaurants, at the Albert Park’s warm grassy fields by the lovely bodies of water is an excellent end to a busy day of experiencing Melbourne.

There are no direct flights to Melbourne from the UK but rather a scheduled stop in the Middle East, Far East, or USA. Typically an average flight lasts around 22 hours. With “Free Price Compare” ( you can compare and find some of the great flight deals / holiday deals to Melbourne.

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