January 21st, 2014

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It comes to us all when we just need a break from everything around us, especially when the weather is cold. We need to escape to a warm, exotic sanctuary where we can let go of all our troubles. So, how about a trip to the wonderful city of Bangkok? The temperature rarely falls below 22 degrees Celsius, even at night time, and it has a moderately warm to hot climate throughout the year!!

Bangkok is hot, with summer time temperatures exceeding 40o C on occasions. It’s best advised that tourists take light clothing and drink lots of water during the hot weather. The best time of the year to book cheap flights to Bangkok is November to February as the weather is milder and booking in advance should yield relatively cheap flight ticket.

Bangkok is a land of smiles as you won’t be disappointed by the sunshine, the close by beaches with the dreamy blue clear waters, and the magical wild life! Bangkok draws the mind, body and soul to experience a holiday of a life time. Bangkok is a vibrant city to explore from majestic tours, colourful markets and the exciting night life. The impressive silhouette of WatArun’s towering spires is one of the most recognised in Southeast Asia. This remarkable landmark holds a historical heritage of the city, as the temple symbolises the founding of the new capital (Bangkok and fall of the old Ayutthaya).

The floating market of DamnoenSaduakoffers an authentic floating market experience. This experience is almost surreal as it will tickle all five senses. There are scores upon scores of boats rim filled with fresh fruits, vegetable, flowers and others with live stock. Hungry? Worry not as there will be vessels cooking up delightful morsels of Thai sensual delights at very cheap prices!

Chatuchak marketoffers a shopping experience for those looking for fashion; it has nearly 8000 market stalls which are full of clothes to bring even the most seasoned shoppers to their knees.

Bangkok can be reached by various reliable airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways. Direct Flights to Bangkok from the UK can be taken with Thai Airways, EVA air, British Airways and Qantas at an average flight time of 11 hours. Search with “Free Price Compare” ( where you can compare and find the cheapest flights to Bangkok. It is recommendedthat you book your holidays in advance to take an advantage of available cheapestflight fares. Also, if possible, try to avoid booking during the summer and seasonal periods as prices are at their highest due to the enhanced demands.

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