Want to Buy Pet Insurance? – Check Out The Top Ten Tips

December 12th, 2019

Pet insurance is gaining high popularity as it has become a necessity of today. Veterinary care tends to become expensive with every passing day. Also, pets may face diverse health issues from short term illnesses to long term ailments. Age and hereditary aspects also play a big role in a pet’s health.

Pets need to be taken care of like children and that requires a lump sum amount of money for any unfortunate events. Most pet owners cannot afford costly pet treatments and thus insurance can help them arrange big amounts required for the treatment through small monthly instalments.

An insured pet surely gives a relaxed time to its owner. For any kind of health condition, be it an illness, injury or long term ailments, the owner can pay to a licensed vet and then can take full or part reimbursement from the insurance provider. However, it can be very confusing on how to select a good pet insurance provider. Let us help you find the best one in your area, regardless of the species, breed or age. Find here some of the best tried and tested tips to buy the most reliable and best pet insurance.

Tips to buy the best pet insurance:

Shop around: You need to find the best pet insurance provider out of the many in this field. For this you need complete information about the various kinds of pet insurances as well as their providers. Again, compare all of them and choose the one that is most suitable for your pet and your finances.

Buy online: When you buy pet insurance online, you end up making big savings. The time required to personally visit the insurance companies, comparing them and then zeroing down on one of them can be expensive. It will cost you transportation and other documentation costs. So, when you choose online it’s only a matter of few clicks and things are done. It is easy and non tedious to buy pet insurance online.

Insure all your pets under one policy: Many insurers offer good discounts if you insure all your pets under one policy. You can insure your cats and dogs together. Then you have to pay just one premium and still keep both your pets insured. If any of them face some issue, then you will get paid reimbursed. Again the premium may not be very low but still you can make savings when compared to the premiums of separate policies.

Increase your excess: All pet healthcare policies have a rule that the pet owner needs to pay the “excess” which is the first part of the claim by them. If you increase the excess, then you can reduce your premium automatically or vice versa. This way you save up on big premiums.

Balance the unlimited and limited cover: Buy both limited and unlimited pet insurance cover. Limited covers that cover the pet for a specific time frame like 12 months are for injuries, accidents or short term treatments or routine vet visits. Unlimited or lifetime covers support recovering expenses done for pet’s chronic ailments or long term treatments of any kind. It’s wise to buy both types of pet insurance covers and maintain a balance between both. Make sure that premiums for long term are small and for the short term you can spend a higher monthly premium. Anyhow balance both premiums so as to maintain a decent monthly budget which doesn’t leave you in financial difficulty.

Choose between ongoing and short term: An ongoing policy covers the expenses incurred while treating the pet against the lifetime and chronic diseases. The premiums can vary but then your pet would be protected only against chronic ailments. In another case, short term cover would be limited to a specific period of time, let’s say 12 months and would be paid-off immediately after you give the vet bills. Ask your vet which is the most suitable for your pet. Depending on the age, breed and general health, the vet can suggest to you the correct choice.

Leave nothing unsaid: There is no need to hide any health condition of the pet. Be honest with your insurance provider and inform them of all the current and historic medical issues. They will not pay for diseases which have not been mentioned. Such claims would not be entertained by the pet insurance company.

Cover them while they are young: Insurance for your pup is as important as your other ageing pets. It is beneficial to insure them while they are young so that you can get financial support for routine checkups, short term treatments, accidents or injuries. By insuring them young, you pay smaller premiums for a longer time. And your money is recovered in unwelcomed situations like your pet went missing or faces a tragic death.

Look after your pet: Just like a healthy human being gets discounts on their premiums, it holds true for pets too. You may get better discounts for a healthy pet than the one going through periodic illnesses. Take care of your pet’s health. Give them the best of food, exercise and amenities so that you have to pay smaller pet health premiums.

Switch: It’s good to switch to another insurance provider if they provide better benefits at smaller discounts. You can do this once your short term policy is over. Compare all the providers and choose the one that offers an absolute cover for your pet and yet keeps your pocket full.

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