Top five reasons to switch to smaller energy suppliers

October 10th, 2019

The UK energy market is full of small and medium energy suppliers but, the Big Six gas and electricity suppliers are still ruling the game. As the Big Six occupy a huge market share (80%), their domination on the energy arena is quite natural. However, things are getting worse as the Big Six keep announcing energy price rises. To combat this insensitivity of the suppliers in power, experts suggest customers to choose smaller energy suppliers. As these companies are relatively new in the market, they offer better prices to sustain in the game. There are many more reasons why switch to a smaller energy supplier is the key to finding the cheapest energy prices in UK.

Top five reasons to switch to smaller energy suppliers:

Cheaper energy deals: Well, a smaller energy supplier needs to survive in the business and so it offers cheap energy to attract more customers. Customer retention is the biggest reason to offer home energy at lower prices. UK energy customers struggling from higher energy tariffs should leverage the low energy tariffs offered by small and medium energy suppliers. After all, it will shrink your household budget and help you make some good savings.

Customer service: There have been many reports about the poor service of many of the Big Six gas and electricity providers. They offer poor service even if you are on their Standard Variable Tariffs, which are the most expensive tariffs of all. What is the point of sticking to these suppliers when you have gas and electricity providers giving good service along with the cheapest energy prices? So, a wiser decision would be to switch gas and electricity supplier that offers cheap energy prices and genuine service.

Healthy competition: The energy regulator Ofgem has said time and again that new suppliers are welcome as they offer cheap energy deals and create stiff competition in the home energy market. The eventual result of such competition is better services and cheaper energy prices and thus, switching to smaller and reliable suppliers is a necessity to create a balance in the energy market.

Extra benefits: While the Big six electricity and gas suppliers are announcing energy price rises, there are smaller suppliers that offer perks and additional benefits. Suppliers like EBICo offers tariffs where each unit of energy costs the same, Ecotricity offers cheap green energy. Ovo energy offers paperless bills etc. So, there are more benefits with the smaller energy suppliers than the biggies of energy market and thus, choosing them is a wise decision.

Right to correct information: While the Big Six energy suppliers switch you to their standard variable tariff once your current plan is over, most of the small energy suppliers inform their customers about the end of the cheaper energy tariffs. This way by distributing correct information they save the customer from expensive standard variable tariffs and thus support lower energy bills. Simply put, they are more concerned about the customers than the already established energy suppliers.

Apart from this, each energy supplier has its own uniqueness which needs to be examined before making a switch. Try those whose policies and ideas resonate with your idea of energy market and its working.

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