Tips to Ease Off Your Travel Experience in Long Flights

November 26th, 2019

Travelling long distances could be really troublesome and irking. The long flight may seem the most uncomfortable and an endless endeavor. However, things can be improved with a little effort. You do not need to suffer on long flights as there are plenty of ways to enjoy the journey. Find here, some of the tried and tested formulas to enjoy those long haul flights.

Tips to make you comfortable on long flights:

It starts with a good seat: It is very important that you get a good and comfy seat. It depends on your choice whether you want a window seat for a cosy sleep or an aisle seat so that you can walk around without disturbing your fellow-passenger. Check online and choose a seat of your choice or you can change seat on entering the flight but make sure that you select a seat that would give you some ease and relief for long hours.

Next in line would be the clothes: You should be wearing comfortable clothes while being on long flights. Lose fitted t-shirts, comfortable jeans, canvas shoes, flats and jackets with hoodies would work well for anyone who likes to keep things relaxed and still fashionable. Clothes with soft material and a happy feel would keep you calm and undisturbed. You should also keep a pair of socks with you to avoid cold feet.

Noise cancellation headphones are a must: One of the most annoying things on long flights is the noise, not just of the aircraft but also of the people inside the plane. You can actually save yourself from the noisy environment by using noise cancellation headphones. It would even help you to enjoy music or watch a movie or just meditate. If headphones feel heavy to you then going for ear plugs would also work wonders in a long flight journey.

Save yourself from light: Most of us prefer to sleep during long journey. However, a big flight with many passengers may not give you some personal feel and there are chances that your co-passengers would not like to put off the lights. To avoid any fall outs, it is better to carry a sleeping mask and headphone so that you get some undisturbed sleep.

Hydration is a must: It is very important to keep yourself hydrated while you are on-board a flight that covers exceptionally long distances. Choose plain water, green juices or coconut water instead of aerated beverages, tea, coffee or alcohol. Aerated drinks and caffeine filled drinks would leave you restless and dehydrated while plain water and natural juices would maintain the water balance in your body making you feel calm and composed.

Moisturize your skin: The air in the flight may not be easy on your skin so, it is always essential to hydrate your skin with a high quality moisturizer. You must apply moisturizer on your face, hands, lips and open areas of the body. This little comfort would keep your skin healthy and your mind happy.

Add value to your time within the flight: Well, you can actually indulge in many leisure activities while on long flights. If you are not an avid movie watcher then you can certainly spend time reading good books or writing your journal or blogging to make sure that the time spent was not wasted. For this, you need to plan in advance and carry your books or kindle or tablet etc. Meditation is another alternative to try while you are on such a long journey.

Save on same routes: If you need to travel the same itinerary often then you can stick to the same airline and save some money. By choosing the frequent flyer programme of the airline, you can actually save on tickets and often get a VIP treatment while on board the flight. Choose a flight that offers good service and comfort so that your journey becomes enjoyable.

Try these tips to enjoy long flights and save yourself from feeling dull and messy during your journey.

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