It Is Time To Compare Your Energy Bills After SSE Announce Profits Rise To £1.5bn

October 11th, 2019

In the news all we are seeing now is Energy companies announcing they are increasing our bills, what they like to keep quiet is how much they are making in profits at our misery. SSE have now announced they expect to make £1.54bn this year after they increased energy bills by 8.2pc.

The latest company to hit the headlines do not feel ashamed at their profits, even though the company will be making £1.54bn, the customers who have not changed their energy company by using a comparison site such as, are using less energy, which means SSE customers are paying more for less energy, something that could be avoided if they compared energy suppliers to find a better deal.

SSE who was the first to increase their household bills claimed they were sorry but had no other option due to the rising costs that were involved in supplying energy to their customers. Although SEE said they were sorry it seems these words are just pointless words that have no meaning, especially when you look at the huge profits they are making and how old people are struggling to heat their homes and pay for their bills, while SSE is raking in the profits.

It has been reported that customers of SSE are using less energy, this has been put down to the high costs for heating homes and families worried about using energy due to bills they cannot afford to pay. It is believed gas consumption has fallen by 9.5pc while electricity has fallen by 4.3pc. Some charities have said these are worrying figures, explaining that it shows people could be sitting in their house during winter months without heating, a warning that has been echoed in the media.

SEE are another company who are blaming high energy bills on the Green Taxes. It seems energy companies are not taking any of the blame, they instead like to blame the government as well as the householder for higher energy bills and the only way we as the consumer have a say on energy bills and the only way we can fight back is by using our right.

We have the right to change energy companies which will send a clear message to greedy energy companies that we as the consumer are fed up with excuses and we are fed up with all these bills increasing year on, year off, we want lower bills, and the best way to send this message out to them is to change your energy company.

It is very simple to change Energy Company; you can compare energy companies here Cheap Home Energy and find out how much you can save by leaving your present energy company and going to a cheaper one.

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