Third party or comprehensive car insurance – which one to choose?

December 10th, 2019

We all know that car insurance cost is often unnerving and the continuous rise in motor insurance premiums makes it all the more difficult for drivers. In fact, increasing premiums and inflating motor insurance cost is one of the biggest reasons why people do not want to buy car insurance. They are always looking for alternatives to get cheap motor insurance.

Again, there is a section of drivers which do not choose comprehensive car insurance and instead opt for third party motor insurance as they think a comprehensive policy may cost them more. Logically as the policy gives more benefits this makes sense, but that is not always the case. There are times when your third party insurance, which is the bare minimum requirement to drive a car in Britain, may prove costlier than comprehensive motor insurance. Let us check how!

Even if the cost of car insurance rises astronomically, motorists end up choosing third party insurance, which pays for the damage of the other party involved if you are at fault in the accident. In this case, you do not get any financial support for covering the damage to your car. Contrary to this, in a comprehensive policy your car damage is covered along with that of the other party.

Moreover, comprehensive car insurance proves cheaper as it covers your car for theft and damage due to fire as well. In essence, it is the best motor insurance and protection for your vehicle. Now, let us dwell upon how you can make savings with the additional protection of a comprehensive policy. There is a view in the motor insurance arena that people with third party insurance are more prone to accidents and thus, a risky bet for the insurer. Therefore, they charge higher premiums from these drivers who buy third party car insurance only.

If you are a young driver then choosing comprehensive policy is the right way to save as you get full protection for your vehicle. As you are considered a risky bet for the insurers, the cost of comprehensive and third party insurance may be similar for you. In that case, going for a complete cover is a better deal when looked from a broader point of view. In fact, you can actually enjoy cheap comprehensive car insurance policy rather than the expensive third party insurance. Again, if you are an experienced driver then you can get cheaper comprehensive insurance if you have a good driving record. The insurers consider all factors when deciding the motor insurance premiums.

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