Things To Do And See In Phuket

January 18th, 2014

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Things to do and see in Phuket

Phuket is known throughout the world as a party goer’s paradise with sandy beaches and late night entertainment. Phuket is also a historical treasure, with an ancient culture and plenty to do and see.

Historic monuments

You can either stay in the resorts or head off the beaten track in Phuket, making it a prime destination for people of all tastes. Phuket town has many ancient temples, with WatChalong being a main draw for tourists. An ancient Buddhist site, you can while away the afternoon taking pictures and relaxing in its peaceful atmosphere. Over the hill sits the Big Buddha, a 45 metre high effigy where you get the best views on the island; on a sunny day it is simply breathtaking. There is also the Two Heroines Monument, a historic landmark honouring two women who led the resistance against invaders from Burma in the eighteenth century. WatPhra Thong is another historic attraction, and is a Buddhist temple believed to have been built upon an image of Buddah himself.

Thai cuisine

Thai food has spread across the globe and is known for its use of unique spices, hot chilli, coconut milk, lemongraas, kaffir lime leaves, meat and rice. There are numerous street food vendors and restaurants on Phuket that offer a startling array of exotic dishes. Be sure to try KwatTio noodle Soup andKao Niow with Gai Yang which is a famous Phuket rice dish with barbecued chicken. Many restaurants specialise and stake their reputation on this dish, with the majority of locals and in-the-know travellers attesting the Kota Khao Man Gairestaurant in Phuket town to be the best.

Other attractions

The Thalang National Museum charts the history of the island and its unique cultural heritage. Here you will find art works and a range of fascinating exhibits that will change your perceptions of the island. One highlight not to miss is PhangNga Bay, with the appropriately named James Bond Island due the location being used in the Roger Moore film,‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. A boat trip around the island is a breathtaking adventure of natural beauty, and includes paradisebeaches giving way to green and lush vegetation, all encircled by sparkling emerald waters. Try and devote a day to exploring this fascinating oasis, as you can hop from place to place enjoying the beaches for a few hours in between. Hat Nai Yang National Park is another natural wonder, and is a place you can view leatherback turtles as well as coral reefs that are locateda stone’s throw from the shore.

With plenty of unique attractions, Phuket is more than just a party place; book now to see a different side to this amazing island.

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