The repair cost of NHS hospitals reaches £1bn – suggesting the need for health insurance

October 25th, 2019

The NHS has been under scrutiny for several reasons, which includes the condition of the hospitals, over occupancy of beds, poor condition of A&E patients and lack of funds. The fact that the condition of the NHS is deteriorating with every passing day should be the biggest concern for people as no one can afford to compromise on the health of their family. Even the condition of hospitals suggests that the government needs immediate action and people should buy health insurance to manage to pay for personal treatment in the absence of getting treatment from the NHS.

Latest reports have proved that the urgent repair cost of NHS hospitals equals to somewhere around £1bn. This gigantic figure clearly dictates the poor condition of the NHS hospitals. As per statistics declared by the NHS’s statistical arm, there is a rise of 22% in the maintenance cost of these hospitals and the figures jumped from £775.5m to £947.1m in 2016. As per the health and safety law, such situations would put the NHS under legal actions. Therefore, it’s better to buy cheap health insurance and choose private treatment.

According to statistics, operating theatres and scanners in many England hospitals are wearing down and the estimated amount to rectify these things ended up at around £947.1m in 2016. The National Audit Office also agreed to the need of financial reforms to streamline the day-to-day activities of NHS hospitals. This is a major reason to look out for health insurance even if it feels a little heavy on the pocket. Cheap health insurance premium is not a trade off for injury or poor medical treatment and thus, everyone should consider buying health insurance a priority over other mundane expenses. Check the NHS vs. Private health care statistics to know the exact reasons for choosing health insurance.

Reasons to choose private health insurance against NHS treatment:

No waiting in line: As the NHS hospitals are getting flooded with patients and are clearly proving insufficient for the patients, there is a need for private treatment. You cannot keep waiting in the NHS queues to get the best treatment for your family. A health insurance policy allows you to choose private treatment by managing the finances for your family’s health care budget.

Quick access to GPs: Private treatment is advantageous as you get fast track appointment from GPs. You don’t need to wait for long and can locate the specialist doctor easily. This saves a lot of time and gets quick treatment. Therefore, when you compare private health insurance vs. NHS, it’s always the insurance policy that works in your favour.

Variety of covers: With private health insurance, you can get heart and cancer cover plus cover for family and children. Again, many of the UK health insurance providers offer free cover for new born babies making things quite affordable for you. Along with this, you can actually get cheap health insurance premiums if you find the right provider.

Availability of custom cover: The best part of private health insurance policy is that it offers customised cover so as to cater to a wide variety of patients. Based on the reference of the specialist, you can ask UK health insurance provider to offer you a customized cover that suits your needs like cover that contains physiotherapy, chiropractic treatments and more.

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