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The Most Useful Travel Tips for disabled People

November 25th, 2019

Statistics suggest that there are over 10 million disabled people in Britain and out of this, 5 million fall in the age group that gets state pension. This shows that a big number of people belong to an age group which would like to travel and have fun in life. However, any kind of physical or mental disability can pose challenges when you plan to travel.

Find here, some useful travel tips for disabled people:

Book in advance: Considering the level of the disability, one must book in advance and research about the facilities available at the destination. For example, you may need some extra facilities with the transport, flights and hotels. To make sure everything works in your favour, you need to contact your holiday provider and discuss everything in detail. Confirm your reservation and bookings in advance so that you do not face issues during the trip.

Travel insurance: To prevent any financial losses due to accidents and medical conditions, one must have comprehensive travel insurance for the disabled. Contact your insurance provider and holiday provider to make sure things are in sync and you would not suffer from financial burdens in the event of an accident or a sudden medical emergency.

EHIC is must: If you are travelling in any of the European countries then it is important to carry a valid EHIC so as to get local medication and treatments at local costs. It is advisable to carry a ‘travelling letter’ given by your medical practitioner to get adequate medical assistance. Some of the airlines may ask you for medical clearance before travelling so enquire and manage in advance.

Medication: It is advisable to carry some extra medicine as it would help in case the trip gets delayed due to any reasons. Label the medicine well so that an unknown person can also identify it and provide help in case of emergencies. Make sure that the medicine doesn’t contain any ingredient that is considered illegal in your travel destination.

Mobility concern: As per the regulations made in July 2007, no airlines or holiday providers can refuse a disabled person due to mobility concerns. In fact, the airlines should manage any assistance required by the passenger while boarding the flight. Wheelchairs and guide dogs are offered free of cost on EU airports. They should also have well trained staff for assisting the disabled people.

Check on facilities: You must pre book your seat and enquire about the transport carrier as they may vary with the kind of vehicle. You should also confirm about the toilet accessibility and dietary arrangements, if you need something specific. Make sure that the airlines allow you to carry necessary equipment like wheelchairs, portable machines, batteries etc.

Check accommodation: Pre booking is a must especially in this case. You can ask your travel operator about any specific arrangement in the room and it is best if you get a written confirmation from them. Also check for any equipment that you need locally and see if they can arrange for it or not. If you need to be on the ground floor then do mention it and make things clear before reaching the place.

Adapted cars: If you need a car or want to hire one then check and book in advance. Many countries in Europe are offering adapted cars, provided you are aware about the driving laws, license requirements and road conditions. Some of the countries offer specialised taxies for the visually impaired – the helpline number for these taxis is 030 3123 9999.

In short, you need to be extra cautious while travelling overseas or to a holiday destination. You should check for everything in advance so that you do not suffer any hiccups during the trip.

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