The Big Six Supplier SSE Looses 50,000 Customers in Q3 2016

November 26th, 2019

Well, it’s certainly a gloomy time for the energy giant SSE which lost 50,000 more energy customers in Q3 of the financial year. The company has been facing challenges in customer retention and to make matters worse, there is a 20% fall with each passing year in its renewal energy plants. The positive side of the story is that the supplier could still maintain its full year earnings.

SSE froze its energy prices for the winter months, but still lost 50,000 customers as per statistics reported on Dec 31. This makes its total customer loss to 8.08 million during this financial year. You may also like SSE’s latest energy tariffs.

The company confirmed that its renewable energy production was 5.1 terawatt-hours (TWh) in the third quarter, a stark fall from 6.8 TWh in Q3 2015. Contrary to this, the company’s gas and oil-fired generation got a boost and doubled from 6.6 TWh in 2015 to 12.8 TWh in this quarter.

The turbulent year has seen the company fall short in revenue when compared to its arch rival British Gas, which saw a profitable year due to large power price swings.

Shay Ramani, founder of suggested that “SSE is losing out on customers due to rising energy prices as well as poor customer service. To win back its customer’s confidence, the company needs to take planned measures to get back its reputation. It needs to give a consistent performance to stay strong in the energy market. However, customers making a switch should also be careful about the new supplier as they may offer lower energy rates but may also have large exit fees.”

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