Technologies to get the cheapest car insurance for young drivers in UK

December 10th, 2019

Car insurance cost has been scaling new heights with each passing year and no one can deny this fact. Young drivers can still work their way to minimal damage methods by choosing best technology that gets them cheaper car insurance.

Currently, black box insurance policy is quite popular amongst young drivers as it provides details of driving habits to the UK car insurance provider. If you are a good driver then this policy would actually give an insight on your driving finesse and compel the motor insurance provider to charge cheap car insurance premiums. This kind of insurance policy provides details of acceleration, frequent braking, driving speed and cornering etc. However, there are certain drawbacks of telematics car insurance as some of them are daytime-only policies while others charge a penalty if you driver after 11 pm.

Although, telematics car insurance policies is efficient in getting you cheap car insurance premiums, the drawbacks can be irritating. To deal with this, one can choose another technical innovation called the Dash Cam policy, in which a mini video recorder is fitted in the ignition system. A perfect alternative to telematics insurance policy, the Dash Cam policy can actually give proof if you are not at fault in an accident. It is therefore highly useful for young drivers who are charged high premiums due to their tendency of frequent accidents.

On the other hand, Dash Cam car insurance policy also gives exact report if you are the one at fault in an accident. James Noble, the young founder of MyFirst Insurance, effectively describes Dash Cam motor insurance as “It’s a set of eyes in the vehicle, like a parent or instructor alongside you that will protect you in the event of a claim.” In addition, Dash Cams do not judge the driving behaviour but still helps you improve your driving habits. It uses a high focused camera and so it should not be purchased individually. Let the car insurance provider manage it for you.

Which is cheaper car insurance policy? – Black box policy or Dash Cam policy?

Well, you need to confirm this with the best car insurance comparison provider in UK as they are experts at comparing utilities. According to most of them, telematics policy saves around 50% of the normal car insurance cost, they are best for young drivers between 17 and 20 years of age. For drivers above 21 years, a Dash Cam car insurance policy is recommended when you have one year of experience. Therefore, young drivers can choose telematics policy till they are 20 and then switch to Dash Cam policy once they reach the age of 21 years. This would be the best way to get cheapest car insurance premiums in UK.

Methods to get lower car insurance premiums in UK:

  • Drive safe and within rules to avoid higher insurance and penalty points

  • Name an experienced driver like your parent in your policy but only when they are using the car frequently

  • Use black box insurance and Dash Cam insurance

  • Pay higher excess

  • Compare car insurance providers in UK

  • Choose cheapest car insurance quotes online

To conclude, young drivers in the UK can use technologies like telematics and Dash Cam to get cheaper car insurance premiums. Apart from this, they can improve on their driving habits to make sure that they don’t end up getting penalty points, which can actually lead to invalidation of the car insurance policy in the UK.

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