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Are smart meters actually free for the UK households

Smart meters are considered a big money saver as they can actually cut down your energy bills by a huge margin. These intelligent meters are supposed to be installed in all 28 million families living in the UK. One of the key reasons for the government to finish the installation process by 2020 is that […]

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Smart meter roll outs enters its main phase but not many takers yet

Smart meters were considered as the best technical innovation for energy customers as they would rule out the chances of wrong billing. The UK government also emphasized on the necessity of these meters so that the customers benefit from the cheapest energy bills. The year 2020 is the deadline to install smart meters in all […]

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Scottish Power asks the government to choose between free trade and full price regulation

  Some of the Big Six suppliers seem frustrated by the warning given by the energy regulator Ofgem and the UK government to ease out energy prices. Scottish Power reacted to the situation by calling the UK government a mess and has asked the ministers to contemplate over the issues. Authorities at the Scottish Power […]

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Get to know the energy company that returns profits to its customers

There are many new entrants in the energy market as many customers were tired off the unreasonable price rises made by the Big Six energy suppliers. The new energy companies are doing all they can to disrupt their monopoly and to offer fairer and cheaper energy deals to the energy customer. More and more energy […]

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Ofgem to make provisions to switch energy supplier in just one day!

With energy suppliers doing things their way and burdening the customers with heavy tariffs, the energy regulator is in plans to make provision which allows customers to switch gas and electricity supplier within 24 hours of a price rise. We all know that the government and energy regulator Ofgem have often shown their displeasure on […]

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Ofgem schedules energy price cap consultation

A promise to cap energy prices cannot be erased from the mind of UK energy customers that are struggling to get cheaper energy deals. The reigning government had clearly stated that it would announce a price cap to save 17 million energy customers from higher standard variable tariffs. However, nothing was mentioned in the government’s […]

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