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Switch energy suppliers before the onset of winter, says energy experts

One of the foremost questions regarding UK households is to address the issue of inflating energy bills during winter. According to statistics, a third of UK households are on the expensive standard variable tariffs and this population is expected to suffer from huge energy bills in the cold season. Experts recommend Britons to switch energy […]

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Big Six say price cap will take a toll on the smart meter roll out

The Big Six energy suppliers throw clear warning that energy price cap would have a straight effect on the smart meter roll out as companies facing losses won’t be able to invest in government initiatives. They also hinted that the energy price cap would be responsible for lower investment in the energy sector. As per […]

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How to save on energy bills by choosing the right home appliances

Are you aware that your home energy bills can reach another high due to the very many energy sapping home appliances used regularly in your home? In fact, such appliances results in wastage of energy and keep adding to the energy bills. With such appliances in the home and kitchen, you cannot even dream of […]

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Future Energy goes bust; Ofgem comes to the rescue of its 10K customers

The disaster has stricken again as another small energy firm Future Energy goes out of action. The gas and electricity supplier with around 10,000 customers in the north east and Yorkshire has stopped trading as announced by Ofgem today. This is another case of a small energy supplier in UK going out of business. It […]

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Ofgem chooses Green Star Energy to take charge of Future Energy

The energy sector faced another shock when small energy supplier Future Energy collapsed. The gas and electricity supplier famous for offering cheap energy deals went kaput last week leaving its 10,000 customers at the mercy of Ofgem. However, the energy regulator was quick to respond to the matter and promised the customers to assign new […]

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