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Top five things that prevent you from getting cheap energy bills

There is no denial that major part of the household budget in the UK is occupied by gas and electricity bills. Therefore, if you plan on getting the cheapest energy bills then you can certainly manage, maintain and cut down on household budget. However, the issue of price rise has made it so significant that […]

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British Gas pushes electricity prices by 12.5% with effect from 15th September

Finally, the much anticipated move is made by the British Gas. The company that froze its energy prices even when its contemporaries were in a price rise spree has finally announced a 12.5% rise in its electricity prices. The Centrica owned company has kept its gas prices as it is. The change which will come […]

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Big Six suppliers looting loyal customers, churning £7.3billion extra in the last five years

This is not news anymore as the energy companies and even government has made claims about how the Big Six suppliers does not offer the best benefits to their customers. Apart from increasing their tariffs by a considerable margin, they are also showing the least concern towards households which have chosen their services for years. […]

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Big Six Energy suppliers show a high profit margin - An eye opener

For all those who have been loyal customer of the Big Six energy suppliers, there is something to think about. A small tweaking of the brain with the current facts will you’re your image of the Big Six. If you regard them for their quality then mind well there are numerous energy suppliers in UK […]

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Planning to switch to a smaller energy supplier – Checklist to consider

Are you fed up of the energy price rises made by the Big Six energy suppliers? Have you made up your mind to switch to smaller energy supplier? Well, if you have decided to make a switch to cheaper energy provider in UK and if that happens to be a relatively smaller energy supplier then […]

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Ofgem to deduct £200m from revenue generated by energy networks

The UK energy regulator is in no mood to pardon energy network operators who made higher revenue than expected. In a rather shocking announcement, Ofgem made it clear that it will be deducting £200m from the allowances of energy network operators. It cleared the air by declaring that the aim is to direct the deducted […]

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