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Npower isn’t the only energy company to be disappointing its customers, there are now also an increasing number of complaints about British Gas and Scottish Power. It’s not just npower that is failing customers. Telegraph Money is hearing from increasing numbers of Scottish Power and, more recently, British Gas customers who are failing to resolve […]

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  According to the Big Deal, independent energy supplier Extraenergy is set to gain 30,000 new customers after submitting the winning tariff to a collective switching scheme. The supplier, which only launched in March in the UK domestic market, offered customers who signed up to the collective switching scheme a 12 month fixed deal for […]

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  According to BusinessGreen, George Osborne believes shale gas production could create wealth funds for north of England. A plan to generate new shale gas tax revenue could be deployed as a UK sovereign wealth fund. Ed Davey, energy and climate change secretary, said that the fund could be set-up once commercial production Starts. He […]

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British Gas goes a step ahead, expected to invest £100m in customer loyalty schemes

After keeping a hold on the already frozen energy prices and proving its loyalty to its customers, the biggest energy supplier in Britain, British Gas would be pleasing its loyal customers with extra discounts and perks. Sounds like a dream? Well, the supplier has actually planned to make announcement in the month of April to […]

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Surprised by inflating household bills – Find common mistakes to avoid below

Steadily rising household bills are a cause of concern for Britons as well as the UK government. Energy price rises are already the talk of the town but beyond that also there are factors that need to be considered to get cheaper household bills. Today, let us glance through some of the common mistakes that […]

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Switch energy suppliers before the onset of winter, says energy experts

One of the foremost questions regarding UK households is to address the issue of inflating energy bills during winter. According to statistics, a third of UK households are on the expensive standard variable tariffs and this population is expected to suffer from huge energy bills in the cold season. Experts recommend Britons to switch energy […]

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