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Experts at the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) have made it be known promises of lower prices were “lacking in evidence” and were “hype”. The Whitehall Treasury Department continued with the emphasis Shale Gas and its potential was “too big to ignore” The UKERC authored report expressed concerns of Shale Gas, which is a natural […]

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Save on winter energy bills through the Cold Weather Payment

It is the winter months that pose the challenge of paying huge energy bills, which are blown up due to the home heating needs of the extreme cold weather. However, UK energy customers can leverage government schemes like the Cold Weather Payment to save on their energy bills and minimize their household budget. This scheme […]

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In the news all we are seeing now is Energy companies announcing they are increasing our bills, what they like to keep quiet is how much they are making in profits at our misery. SSE have now announced they expect to make £1.54bn this year after they increased energy bills by 8.2pc. The latest company […]

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Some Conservative MPs believe the high energy bills that the UK public are being forced to pay could become an election disaster, leaving the chances of the Conservatives getting into power for a second term very slim. It is not just some politicians who believe this, political experts do not believe the Conservatives will get […]

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It seems Npower Boss, Chief Executive Paul Massara is happy to blame everyone else for the high energy bills except his company and other companies who seem to be making a huge profit at our expense. One minute Mr Massara is blaming the government, claiming they could reduce energy bills by another £90 if they […]

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  PAYG/ prepayment tariffs enable you to have greater control over your monthly energy budget. Below we help you compare prepayments tariffs so you get the best prepayment dual fuel tariff options. Why go for pay as you go/ prepayment energy tariffs? Typically, prepayment meters are found in houses where the tenant has been unsuccessful […]

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