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Recent ground breaking analysis has suggested a strong relationship between households and their demand for energy in the future. This will help energy suppliers in the long- term better judge the supply required to feed demand, therefore leading to greater levels of efficiency. Customer- Led Network Revolution (CNLR) conducted a research project involving 12,000 different […]

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GDIF had completed phase 1 back in July and in November this year, phase two will be released to customers. The project drained £120 million budget in the first seven weeks due to unprecedented levels of demand. Ed Davey (of the Liberal Democratic party) is expected to announce that they are to “Meet our promises […]

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The Chief Executive of Npower, Mr Massara has been very busy this week blaming everyone except his energy company on the high cost of energy bills that the consumer is being forced to pay. First of all he blamed the government, saying another £90 could be knocked off the household bill if David Cameron and […]

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  Incorrectly using your thermostat will increase your energy bills Research has revealed that many households make at least one basic mistake when using their heating controls. Most people believe that they understand the full functionality of their home heating systems, but 60% are still making simple error which is costing them. Below we have […]

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Severn Trent Water (SVT) is a UK energy company which has changed the way gas supply is offered to homes. They are the first energy company in the United Kingdom to offer biomethane gas which is procured from the breakdown of “Sludge”. This sludge is an amalgamation of human waste compounds and decomposable matter. The […]

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