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  According to research only 38% of people fully comprehend how night storage heaters work. The Energy Saving Trust says, “Households with electric heating could be paying through the nose by not taking advantage of cheaper night rate electricity”. The main purpose for electric storage heaters is to take advantage of cheap, off-peak electricity rates. […]

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  1) Weather proofing:Sealing windows, heating ducts and other services can reduce your bill massively. 2) Energy Audit:Getting your home or workplace audited can give you a detailed understanding about the heating and light usage. Having this understanding, will ultimately lead you to be more energy savvy and hence reduce the cost of your utility […]

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  According to the Big Deal, independent energy supplier Extraenergy is set to gain 30,000 new customers after submitting the winning tariff to a collective switching scheme. The supplier, which only launched in March in the UK domestic market, offered customers who signed up to the collective switching scheme a 12 month fixed deal for […]

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