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The UK government comes up with new rules for child car seats – Find more information Here!

The latest news from the Department for Transport is in accordance with the notification of the UN which clearly stated that there would be new rules for the manufacturers of backless booster car seats, in effect from 9th Feb 2017. Basically, the new rule for child car seats states that any manufacturer is not permitted […]

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UK government allots £4 million for tech projects to minimise traffic and decarbonise the environment

The UK government is serious about decarbonising the environment and clearing up road traffic situations to reduce the number of accidents. To facilitate the process of minimising congestion on UK roads, it has invested in traffic dispersing technologies so that it speeds up the daily journey of millions. The technology would also focus on clearing […]

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Car insurance premiums may reduce in 2018!!

There is not an iota of doubt that car insurance premiums have seen a huge high in 2017 but there can be a sigh of relief in 2018 if the UK government reverses the Ogden rate calculation, which proved to be the major reason for increase in motor insurance costs. In a nutshell, the Ogden […]

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UK Car insurance premiums jump up by 14.6%, reports Consumer Intelligence

The UK car insurance scenario seems to be tilting towards higher premiums in the near future. This year again, we see a considerable increase in UK car insurance premiums and that too by a huge margin of 14.6%. According to reports by Consumer Intelligence, the car insurance premium rates are increasing five times faster than […]

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Reasons why young UK drivers suffer from heavy car insurance costs

Young UK drivers are believed to be paying the highest car insurance premiums. Major reasons responsible for the skyrocketing UK motor insurance premiums are fraudulent claims, increase in IPT and reduced discount on payouts of fatal injuries. Due to these reasons, the UK car insurance providers charge heavy premiums from young drivers to such an […]

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Switch to pay-as-you-go car insurance and start saving £300 a year

The inevitable question of how to save on car insurance premiums holds itself tight in front of the UK drivers. As the car insurance cost rises every now and then it becomes difficult to manage the finances. However, experts suggest that those who use cars for a small time period should switch to pay-as-you-go car […]

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