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Everyone is aware that if they are caught speeding then this will be reflected in their record and therefore their premiums will go up. But in some instances, motorists have the option of taking a drive safety lesson instead, but it seems the premiums may still go up regardless. According to the AA and RAC, […]

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Bradford based crash-for-cash perpetrators have been jailed for staging a dangerous car accident in search for an insurance payout. Abdul Jamil, 47, says he was driving his taxi when a car pulled from an adjacent road and hit the side of his taxi. Alongside himself he had 2 passengers namely, Farhana Kazami, 42, and Shamila […]

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What do you have when you add New Year’s resolutions, icy roads and no money? Car insurance. Almost two thirds think about changing car insurance at the beginning of the year, with 5 January, the most popular day to change in the year. If you are prepared to compare car insurance quotes before purchasing a […]

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British drivers going abroad should have greater concerns about learning foreign road signs rather than just driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. This is due to the fact about 50% of motorists misconstrue foreign road sign, placing themselves at greater risk of making a claim on their insurance. Drivers between the ages of […]

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Victims of car crash with minor whiplash injuries should be given medical care as opposed to cash to counteract fraud and reduce the expense of premiums generally. Aviva predicts the move to clear about £32 off a usual vehicle insurance premium and, in addition, would act as significant prevalent in “crash for cash” scams, which […]

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You’ve just passed your driving test and are dying to get on the road. But first you must be insured – and car insurance for new drivers can be very dear. Unfortunately motorists with minimal experience appear to be a huge risk for insurance firms and this is translated to their prices for car insurance […]

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