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Like any motorist knows, car insurance is not cheap. However the expense of car insurance can be more expensive for people not in employment. A report from the BBC recently highlighted that the jobless were typically pressured to pay greater amounts for car insurance than those working full time. In fact, BBC’s study with three […]

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With car insurance costing over a £1000 in some instances, motorists are requiring better way to meet this cost. Pay it over the year With insurance costs being so high, it could be more beneficial to spread the cost over the year as you can manage your finances more prudently and perhaps even enhance your […]

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When it comes to insurance, we know we need it in case we have an accident or in case the car is stolen and not forgetting it is a legal requirement, but it does not make it any easier when it comes to paying for out our hard earned cash for car insurance which can […]

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With all the bad news in the newspapers about how energy bills are increasing due to greedy energy companies, Free Price Compare, your popular Car Insurance Comparison site, helping you to get better deals, are happy to announce that insurance premiums are falling. The average car insurance premium has fallen by around £90 in the […]

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Free Price Compare.com the popular car insurance comparison website that helps you find cheaper car insurance have predicted that car insurance premiums will come down in price by 2015, due to all driving records being put on one national database. The new government led database will allow insurance companies to check within seconds on your […]

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Motorists that have installed a ‘black box’ device, used to monitor their Driving Behaviour, for reducing their insurance premiums, may be at risk of having the data used against them if given to the police. As a result, the ‘black box’ will work against them and instead of reducing their premiums it could increase them […]

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